Top 10 Websites for Music Lyrics

Music. We turn it on as background noise. To set the mood. To express our feelings. We use it to pump us up during a workout or express our feelings during a breakup. But when you’re singing along, do you ever wonder if you have the lyrics right? Check out these ten websites and you’ll never get Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody wrong, again.

Lyrics Mode

Probably the best thing about this site, other than its easy to use search bar, is that they list new songs on the homepage. Not only is this site great for looking up lyrics it’s also a good way to discover new songs and artists.

Lyrics Planet

This site has a huge library of music lyrics in almost every genre. You can search by artist, song title, or song phrase. The site is a little ad heavy, but the search function is front and center on the home page which is great.

Kiss This Guy

Kiss This Guy is dedicated to all the misheard lyrics of the world. It is a funny and fun website that aims to clear up all misunderstood and misheard songs and you can find information on current songs and past hits. You can search by Genre, Artist, Song, Lyric, or the lyric you think you heard.

Metro Lyrics

Metro Lyrics has a cool, modern and professional feel. The homepage shows the Top 100 songs, there is also current music and artist news. Their search function is cool because you can enter part of a song and it will find the song you are thinking about.


This website is probably the most polished out there. Minimal ads, lots of news and new songs on the homepage. They have literally thousands of songs in their database and an easy to use search bar. This site has been around for a while and has great, established community boards.

Lets Sing It

This site is like the IMDB of the music world. Not only can you find any song or artist, but it will also give you the artist bio, top songs by the artist and much more. And if you search for a particular song, you will be presented with an embedded YouTube video of the song on the results page.

A-Z Lyrics

This is the perfect site to find famous songs and artist. Its search bar is very basic: just enter a few keywords and it will pull up lyrics, songs, and artists that are related to the keyword search.

Song Lyrics

This is a cool website that lets you search for artists, songs, and you can also search by genre. The homepage lists not only the top 100 songs but also the top albums.

Song Meanings

This website could use a refresh. It is a little ad heavy and it doesn’t look professionally executed. Where it really stands out is that this website will explain the meaning of songs (Such as Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks). The search results pull up the lyrics of the song you searched for as well as the song meaning. It’s nice that users can comment on song meanings and they seem to have an involved community.


Lyrics Fly

This is a straightforward searchable database of more than 500,000 songs. You can search by artist, album, lyric, and song. When the website opens, it looks a little bit like the Google search engine. This is probably the easiest website to use, if all you want is lyrics. There’s no Top 10 or 100, no music news…Just lyrics.

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