The Greatest Songs About Driving and Cars

We’ve all seen people jamming out to various kinds of music in their cars. We’ve watched them pounding the steering wheel to the beat and nodding their heads. In fact, if we’re honest, we’ve been equally invested in our own music at stoplights that people probably stared. Well, now it’s time to tie music and automobiles with this list of the greatest songs about driving and cars.

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The Greatest Songs About Driving and Cars

Songs to Blare at Stop Lights

What better songs to blare at stop lights than those that are singing about the freedom found behind the wheel? There are so many songs about cars and the driving experience you would be completely shocked if we listed them all here. But, we will refrain from pushing you over that edge. Instead we’ll just give you the top 20. You can decide which ones to put on repeat while others stare at you in your new vehicle.

  1. Cars– by Gary Numan- 1979
  2. Low Rider– by War- 1975: You can definitely get some steering wheel drumming going with this very familiar song. And you know you love to sing the “Low Rider” parts throughout the piece. If you need some refreshing, you can click this to listen.
  3. Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car– by Billy Ocean- 1988
  4. One Piece at a Time– by Johnny Cash- 1976
  5. Brand New Cadillac– by The Clash- 1979
  6. Passenger Side– by Wilco- 1995
  7. Drive– by The Cars- 1984
  8. Little Red Corvette– by Prince- 1983
  9. Drive My Car- by The Beatles- 1965
  10. Bad Habit– by The Offspring- 1994
  11. Life is a Highway– by Tom Cochrane- 1991: We don’t know if he ever made any other great songs but we feel pretty confident that you can sing along to this one!
  12. Camaro– by Kings of Leon- 2007
  13. On the Road Again– by Canned Heat- 1967
  14. Radar Love-by Golden Earring- 1973
  15. Long May You Run– by The Stills-Young Band- 1976
  16. Car Wash– by Rose Royce- 1976
  17. Kickstart My Heart– by Motley Crue- 1988
  18. Whoever You Are– by Geggy Tah- 1996
  19. Bitchin’ Camaro– by The Dead Milkman- 1985
  20. Mercedes Benz– by Janis Joplin- 1970: We couldn’t end this list without including this classic song. You may not know this, but Janis Joplin died three days after recording this well-loved song. It is probably one of the most iconic songs ever written about a luxury car. If you don’t know the song you need to listen to it here.

If this has whet your musical appetite for great songs that deal with cars and driving then we are sure you will enjoy learning more. These are the songs you need to put on your iPod for all those heavy traffic days.

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