Top Hotels to Stay In While Enjoying Music Concerts in New York

One of the best parts of being a music lover is the fact that you can use your love for music as an excuse to get out, tour and see the world.  A lot of people love to take a break from work or studies and just put them out there for a bit of fun.  If you are planning on attending music concerts or music shows in New York then you can definitely consider one of these top five gorgeous and glorious hotels to stay in.  That is if you like the ultimate luxury treatment because that is exactly what you can expect to experience from one of these five top hotels in the UK.

Top Hotels to Stay In While Enjoying Music Concerts in New York

The Crowne Plaza Syracuse

If you are a music lover with a taste for something different then you will absolutely love to stay in the Crowne Plaza Syracuse.  This hotel is famous for its round shape and has 276 bedrooms.   The hotel might be a three star hotel but is still one of the most luxurious of accommodations to consider while attending music concerts in New York.   The hotel was recently sold to Terence McCarthy Tjm company TJM Properties Inc. for $15.2 million which makes this three star hotel an even better choice since TJM Properties is one of the leading real estate companies in the world and you can count on great service now that TJM Properties owns the hotel.

The Greenwich Hotel

If you are looking for ultimate luxury then The Greenwich Hotel is probably the best choice you can make since this five star hotel has been voted the number one best hotel in New York City.  The hotel rooms are known for their great style and space and the hotel offers many luxury excursions that you can enjoy while you stay here.

The Lowell Hotel

This five star hotel is also a great hotel to consider if you are looking for the ultimate luxury stay.  The rooms in this hotel are all spacious and every room has a distinct but completely unique look and style that will awe you no matter how many times you choose to visit.

The Crosby Street Hotel

Another five star hotel that is guaranteed to give you the ultimate extravagant stay and treatment as you enjoy some of the hotel’s many suites.  Each room was designed by an interior decorator and has a completely unique and fresh appeal.

The St. Regis Hotel

This hotel is located in the middle of Manhatten which makes it the perfect hotel to sit back and relax before driving off on one of your music events or concerts. The St. Regis is a five star hotel that is close to all of the hottest places to have a blast in New York.

Four Seasons Hotel

This five star hotel is probably one of America’s best known hotels. The hotel interior gives an ancient Paris museum vibe and is definitely a great hotel to consider if you love to be spoiled rotten.