How to Get Better at Rapping

There are a lot of people whose love for rap music has allowed them to become motivated to rap as well. Rapping can be a bit complicated however because you need to have the talent and skill in order to say words clearly and in time with the beat.

It will always help to listen to various rap songs especially by those who are already considered “masters” of the rapping world. If you want to listen to other rappers too, you can check out the offerings of Bogo Beats. You can buy beats from there if you love some of the songs. Once you buy, you can listen to the songs all over and over again. Not only will you get to relax, you will also learn how to rap better.

How to Get Better at Rapping

In order to rap effectively, here are some tips that you ought to remember:

  1. Find the rhythm. The moment that you can already feel the music in your bones and you can already say the words along the rhythm then you will know the proper flow of the music and the words. It may be hard to listen to the beat of the song when you are focusing on the lyrics alone. Try to forego the lyrics first and just listen to the music. It will let you understand how you are going to rap better.
  2. Start rapping along. The moment that you already know the words of the song and you understand the beat, that is the time when you can start rapping. It may take time before you can actually rap as well as the artist but practice makes perfect.
  3. Try to rap without listening to the song. If you have not memorized the lyrics yet, have a print out of the lyrics ready and try to rap it. If there are some parts that you cannot rap, underline those parts on paper and practice those parts again and again until you can rap them well.
  4. Start writing your own lyrics. The moment that you can rap along with some of the popular rap songs available and even new ones that you just like, you can start writing your own lyrics. Some rap song lyrics are based on the things that the rappers have experienced. You can make lyrics based on what you are feeling. You may become surprised with how effective this can be.
  5. The moment that you feel that you already know how to rap, get constructive criticism from someone that you know will be honest when you ask how well you can rap. If you choose the right person, you will be given information on the things you are already good at and a few more aspects you can improve.

One tip to remember is to always be real. You may want to rap about the things that you hear from your favourite rap songs but you should always have feelings when you rap so talking about things you have gone through will always be more ideal. How fast did you learn how to rap? Feel free to share your experiences below.