Top 10 Websites for Music Lyrics

Music. We turn it on as background noise. To set the mood. To express our feelings. We use it to pump us up during a workout or express our feelings during a breakup. But when you’re singing along, do you ever wonder if you have the lyrics right? Check out these ten websites and you’ll never get Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody wrong, again.

Lyrics Mode

Probably the best thing about this site, other than its easy to use search bar, is that they list new songs on the homepage. Not only is this site great for looking up lyrics it’s also a good way to discover new songs and artists.

Lyrics Planet

This site has a huge library of music lyrics in almost every genre. You can search by artist, song title, or song phrase. The site is a little ad heavy, but the search function is front and center on the home page which is great.

Kiss This Guy

Kiss This Guy is dedicated to all the misheard lyrics of the world. It is a funny and fun website that aims to clear up all misunderstood and misheard songs and you can find information on current songs and past hits. You can search by Genre, Artist, Song, Lyric, or the lyric you think you heard.

Metro Lyrics

Metro Lyrics has a cool, modern and professional feel. The homepage shows the Top 100 songs, there is also current music and artist news. Their search function is cool because you can enter part of a song and it will find the song you are thinking about.


This website is probably the most polished out there. Minimal ads, lots of news and new songs on the homepage. They have literally thousands of songs in their database and an easy to use search bar. This site has been around for a while and has great, established community boards.

Lets Sing It

This site is like the IMDB of the music world. Not only can you find any song or artist, but it will also give you the artist bio, top songs by the artist and much more. And if you search for a particular song, you will be presented with an embedded YouTube video of the song on the results page.

A-Z Lyrics

This is the perfect site to find famous songs and artist. Its search bar is very basic: just enter a few keywords and it will pull up lyrics, songs, and artists that are related to the keyword search.

Song Lyrics

This is a cool website that lets you search for artists, songs, and you can also search by genre. The homepage lists not only the top 100 songs but also the top albums.

Song Meanings

This website could use a refresh. It is a little ad heavy and it doesn’t look professionally executed. Where it really stands out is that this website will explain the meaning of songs (Such as Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks). The search results pull up the lyrics of the song you searched for as well as the song meaning. It’s nice that users can comment on song meanings and they seem to have an involved community.


Lyrics Fly

This is a straightforward searchable database of more than 500,000 songs. You can search by artist, album, lyric, and song. When the website opens, it looks a little bit like the Google search engine. This is probably the easiest website to use, if all you want is lyrics. There’s no Top 10 or 100, no music news…Just lyrics.

The creators of Rap Genius

Rap Genius Website Alternatives is a site that helps users understand the meaning of rap lyrics. Like Wiki, Rap Genius relies on user generated content and contribution. On the site, users can listen to rap songs, read lyrics and when users find a lyric or phrase that interested them, they can click on it and an explanation of the phrase will show in a pop-up window. Almost all of the content is contributed by users and Rap Genius editors will highlight the best user submissions. Users can also earn “Rap IQ” points.

As popular as Rap Genius is, the site’s future is unclear. Here are a couple of websites to check out that are alternatives to Rap Genius.

Kiss This Guy is for the music lover who frequently mishears lyrics. This website is hilarious and fun. You can spend a long time looking at the most frequently misheard lyrics as well as reading the correct lyrics. The search bar is great, you can search by Genre, Artist, Song, Lyric, or the lyric you think you heard. Like Rap Genius, this website relies on user contribution. One key difference is that on Kiss This Guy, you cannot listen to the song, but you can read the entire lyrics.

Song Meanings

Just like the website names says, Song Meanings will help you understand the meanings of thousands of songs from the most popular to some that are pretty obscure. This site has an easy to use search bar and also provides up to date industry news.


With a name like, you’d better be a top notch site and this one is. It has a clean, crisp design and the site has very few ads, which is a big plus. The search bar is easy to find and you can look up songs by artist, title, and lyrics. The site also provides industry news such as top songs and new releases. One really great feature of this site is that you are presented with a video of the song you searched for.

Lets Sing It

This site took a feather from IMDB’s cap. Not only can you search for songs by lyrics, artist, or song, but you also get full artists bios, pictures of the artists, the artists’ top songs and so much more. The site also lets users embed YouTube videos of the songs. If there is one downside to this site, it is that it can feel a little cluttered because it just offers so much information.

The creators of Rap GeniusLyrics Mode

This site is popular because it has a clean, easy to navigate design. The search bar is easy to find and the homepage shows an up to date list of the top 100 songs. One really cool feature of this site is that they list new songs on the homepage. This is a great way to find new music and artist. The site is a little bit ad heavy, but no more than most lyrics sites out there. Their community is big and friendly and pretty active.

How to Save Money Downloading Music as a Poor University Student

University students have a lot to keep them busy: studies, classes, and clubs. But despite their busy schedules, most university students like to listen to and download music as much as the next person, maybe even more. After all, music can help university students study, relax, and workout. Plus, it’s just nice to have a well-stocked music library! But students are often on a tight budget so here are a couple of tips to help university students download music for less. While you’re jamming out, take a look at this degrees and debt site, which can help you decide on your next move after graduation.


If you have an iTunes account, try to stock up on iTunes cards when they are on sale. Usually around Thanksgiving, you can find these cards on sale (sometimes as low as $5.00 for a $10.00 card) so keep your eyes peeled and check the sales papers. Some convenience stores will run specials on iTunes cards, such as receiving a $5.00 card for a $25.00 purchase. If you need toothpaste and shampoo, anyway, why not get a free card with your purchase?

iTunes also has a bunch of free or discounted songs that you can download. This is a great way to discover new groups. Usually the free music is updated once a week so you can build up your music library in almost no time at all. And don’t overlook their $.69 cent deals. It’s worth starting every music download session by first browsing the $.69 cent songs.

File Sharing Network Program

File sharing programs can save students a ton of money on music. But do your homework and make sure you go with a program that is safe as many can contain spyware and cumbersome add-ons.

Pick Copyright Free Music

Most songs that fall into the copyright free category are older classics but every music library should have the classics.


Amazon is one of the best ways to discover new musical talent and to get favorites for less. But if you are open to new and up and coming musicians and you’re adventurous, you can create an entire library of free music just by browsing Amazon’s free music. Amazon also has $.69 cent music deals. And don’t forget to sign up for their emails, because Amazon is great about alerting their subscribers to upcoming deals. Also, Amazon is well known for creating sampler deals. For instance, around Christmas, you may be able to get several free Christmas songs.

Go Old School

Browse second-hand stores and garage sales for used CDs then download the entire album to your digital music library. It’s not unusual for second-hand stores to have CDs that are only a few months old and are a great price. CDs are also a great way to share and swap music with your friends.

Teenagers pictured receiving their GCSE results at a school in Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

Add Music to Your Wish lists

Amazon and iTunes both allow you to create wish lists that can be made public. Load up your wish lists with the music you are most interested in downloading and point your friends and family to the lists during birthdays and holidays.

It might even end up as one of the best workout songs for women ever, thanks to its timeless beats

Best Music to Work out to

Summer is mere weeks away and that means swimsuits and tank tops and football in the park. If you are thinking about amping up your workout in preparation for summer here is a breakdown of the best music to work out to. Music can really stimulate a person to exercise harder, which is why so many people like to wear headphones when they’re working out. Whether you’re running, doing a cardio gym workout, lifting weights, or stretching there is music that will keep you motivated. Combine your motivating jams with healthy supplements and you’ll reach your fitness goals in time for the first summer pool party.

Best Music to Make You Run Faster

Research has proven that people run faster when they listen to music between 120 and 140 bpm. Do you always hit a wall at a certain time during your run? Pick a song that inspires you, fires you up and that’s fast-paced and you’ll break right through that wall you’ve been slamming into. Here are a few songs—some new, some classics—that will kick your run into high gear.

• Raise Your Glass—Pink
• Moves Like Jagger—Maroon 5
• Eye of the Tiger—Survivor
• Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)—Kelly Clarkson
• Bad Romance—Lady Gaga

Best Music for a Cardio Workout

Whether you’re doing a 30 minute session on the rowing machine or 45 minutes on the elliptical; for a successful cardio workout, it is important to get a good, quick rhythm going. These tunes have a bpm of 140 to 160 which is the perfect tempo to get you going. Mix them up for a great interval workout or pick the fastest ones for an energizing, high intensity session.

• Applause—Lady Gaga
Can’t Hold Us—Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Ray Dalton
• Lonely Boy—The Black Keys
• Everybody Talks—Neon Trees
• What the Hell—Avril Lavigne
• Work B**ch—Britney Spears (Okay, this one is only 128 bpm, but almost every gym goer agrees, this is one song to play if you need to get through a hard cardio session.)

Best Music for Weightlifting

The key to a good weightlifting workout is music that helps you focus. It’s important to play music that will pump you up, and keep you in ‘the moment’ so you can lift weights until you achieve muscle failure. Since everyone’s music taste differ, we have a mix of genres that are designed to keep you focused on your reps.

• Misery—Maroon 5
• Thunderstruck—AC/DC
• Till I Collapse—Eminem
• Ridin’ Solo—Jason Derulo
• Here Comes the Boom—Nelly

Best Songs for Yoga

Yoga is one of those workouts that is highly individual, especially if you are practicing at home or alone and not in a class. But most yoga practitioners agree that music can enhance the yoga exercise experience. Here are five great yoga songs. Check them out to see if they will fit your sequence.

It might even end up as one of the best workout songs for women ever, thanks to its timeless beats

• Mangalam—Prem Joshua
• Drumming Song—Florence and the Machine
• Hometown Glory—Adele
• Gavatri Mantra—Deva Premal
• Viva La Vida—Coldplay


10 Most Impactful Songs of 2014 So Far

Every so often, we’re presented with a song that is so meaningful they become instant hits. We’re nearly half way through the year and already we’ve been given some really amazing songs. Here’s a list of the 10 more impactful songs for 2014. So far.

Beyonce10. Partition – Beyonce Partition was very well received by critics. The public loved it for its advocacy of women’s liberation and sexual freedom and confidence. The lyrics are catchy and clever and while the video is a bit explicit, it highlights the song’s theme of female confidence.


9. Dark Horse — Katy Perry The “Fireworks” crooner has done it again.Not only is “Dark Horse” catchy, but it has caused a bit of a controversy after the video was accused of blasphemy and being offensive to Muslims. Specifically, in the original video, Perry is dressed as an Egyptian queen and she turns a man wearing an “Allah” pendant to dust. After much outcry and an online petition, that scene was erased from the official video.

8. The Man – Aloe Blacc The sexy soul singer defines what it means to be “The Man”. The melody is catchy and the song embodies the ideal of lifting your head up and standing above everyone that is talking about you.

7. Not a Bad Thing – Justin Timberlake Mr. Timberlake proves once again that he is still at the top of his game. The song has a bit of a throw-back feel to ‘N Sync. Not a Bad Thing is an earnest, romantic song that is sure to be a classic.

6. Team – Lorde The New Zealand songbird does it again. Lorde has said “Team” is a tribute to her friends and her country as well as to all the small cities everywhere that are often overlooked. The song is increadibly catchy and empowering.

Screen-shot5. We Might Be Dead Tomorrow – Soko This song is impactful for its pro LGBTQ video as well as reminding all of us that our time on this earth is finite so we’d better make the most of it. While this is not a new idea, particularity in music, Soko delivers the message in a way that is fresh, rejuvenated, and this post for more information.

4. Loyal – Chris Brown The talented but troubled R&B star does it again. Loyal is just as catchy and just as aggressive as his other songs. It garnered attention for slamming Rhianna, as well as calling out fakers and hanger-ons.

3. All of Me – John Legend This song will not doubt go down in music history as one of the greatest love songs of all time. It is raw, and honest, and gives an accurate portrayal of modern relationships. The lyrics reminds us to give our intimate relationships our all, to be honest, and to never give up on worthwhile relationships.

2. Happy – Pharrell Williams This Oscar nominated song is sure to elevate your mood. This toe tapper is an ode to optimism, no matter what fate befalls us. 1. Let It Go – Idina Menzel


No list of most impactful songs-for 2014 or anytime-would be complete without this Disney hit. “Let It Go” had young kids and adults alike raising their voices and feeling empowered to let go of all the things and feelings that hold us back from being our best and most happy selves. The song is so popular that Disney re-releasedFrozen with a Sing-Along version of the astronomical hit.