How to Improve Your Music Listening Experience

You know that you love listening to music and you have always loved checking out new genres especially those that you have never heard before. You will have some favourites that you will save on your gadget.

There are some reasons why your listening experience is not as good as you want it to be:

  • Bad music players
  • Bad sounding headphones
  • Badly encoded files

How to Improve Your Music Listening Experience

If you would like to improve your listening experience, here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Make sure that your gadgets are fully charged. How can you enjoy listening to music when you do not have the right gadget to listen from? If you would like to find the right charger, you may want to visit this website.
  2. Get rid of the songs that you do not want to listen to anymore from your music library. There are some songs that you have liked a lot or perhaps these songs are special to you because they remind you of some people who are special in your life. Now that they are not in your life anymore, feel free to clean up your music library. This will allow you to find and listen to songs that you genuinely like.
  3. Try music streaming services. If in case you do not have enough space on your gadget but there are a lot of songs that you genuinely love, you just have to download music streaming applications and enjoy the songs you have always loved. As long as you are connected to the internet, you have nothing to worry about.
  4. Find the right headphones that will fit your needs. One thing you should remember is that there is no such thing as the perfect headphones. Headphones will always come with features that may appeal to you but will not be as appealing to other people. If you want to have headphones that come with amplifiers, then do not hesitate to find the ones that you need.
  5. Consider the bit rate of the songs that you are listening to. You may think that the bit rate does not matter but they are there for a reason. They are meant to improve your listening experience. Once you realize how you can change the bit rate and adjust it depending on the song that you are listening to, you do not have to look elsewhere anymore.

Listening to music does not have to be only done at home. You can be outside your house and still get to enjoy music. Hang out at a bar with a live band. You will have a grand time listening to the song renditions that are being played. If in case they would play their own songs, the tempo may be a bit different depending on the vibe of the place where they are going to play music. Do not forget to go to concerts as well because the musical experience will surely be different from what you are used to.

Music for Dogs

Most humans have a tendency to believe they are the only ones that enjoy music but according to research dogs too enjoy music and it is beneficial to them too. Just the same way listening to music helps to lower our stress levels and can make us calm content and happy, it can do the same to dogs. According to studies, listening to some kind of music helps to calm down dogs and helps them to be easy in new surroundings. Some humans may perceive dogs howl as a form of musical expression and some think that dogs howl when music is being played. Contrary to popular belief, howling is actually a form of communication which can be an indication of loneliness or isolation. Most of the time, many other nearby will join the howling if one dog howls then they will all howl together. Actually howling may be a form of musical expression because it shows that dogs have a sense of pitch. Howling may begin at a higher pitch before moving to the main tone then end with a lower tone.

Music for Dogs

According to studies, there is a certain kind of music that may induce dogs to howl. This is majorly music produced on wind instrument such as clarinets and saxophones. A dog may prompt to howl by the long note on the violin or the long note by humans while they are singing. This shows how dogs love music as they are prompted to join the chorus.

Just like humans, research suggests that different dogs have different tastes when it comes to music. While some music may be calming to some dogs, it may be agitating to others. Reaserchers noticed that most dogs become agitated and starting barking when hard metal music is played. Listening to popular regular music such as pop music had no much effect on most dogs though. Classical music however produced a calming effect just like in humans. Dogs would reduce their barking level or they would sleep and chill when classical music was played. Looks like most dos have the same musical discernment as humans when it comes to music.

Since many dogs respond to music, there are many animal shelters that have opted  to play soothing music to their dogs and this has proved to be very effective as there are dogs there that are very stresses and troublesome. Music helps them to chill, be calm and happy as well be healthier.


From studies, it looks like there is a lot more to dogs than man knows despite being a dog’s best friend. Maybe a dog is man’s best friend because it’s more similar to man. Good thing is that there are even sites that have playlists for songs that dogs would love if you don’t have a hang of it though creating a playlist is not hard. You can click here to find more about dogs so that you can live well with your dog and both of you can be happy.

How to Enhance Your Music Listening Experience on Your Phone and Computer

Want to know how you can enhance your music listening experience on your phone as well as your computer? Check out these awesome tips:


  1. Tidy Up Your Music Library

It’s hard to listen to your music in the event that you can’t discover it. While not especially attractive, one of the best updates you can perform is tidying up and sorting out your music library. Macintosh iTunes clients can profit by Doug’s AppleScripts, however generally this will be an entirely exhausting errand. Assemble a decent blend on a different PC or music player and make the most of your main tunes while you strip your library of its copies and undesirable tracks. It won’t be fun, yet it’ll be certainly justified regardless of the exertion.

  1. Blend It Up with Some Live Shows

You can bear pretty much any tune you need nowadays, yet that is seldom superior to anything seeing your most loved groups live. In the event that you need to ensure you never miss an essential show, Songkick is an application for iOS and Android that’ll watch out for your music library and know when groups you like are playing. It’s a free download, and an easy approach to continue top of the shows you would prefer not to miss.

  1. Locate Those Obscure Songs via Searching YouTube Comment Threads

Finding new songs by means of YouTube can be magnificent, aside from when you can’t really discover them. A considerable measure of YouTube recordings pick some awesome tunes and after that totally disregard to mention the singer. You’re most likely not by any means the only one who has watched this video and found the absence of credit irritating, so your most solid option is to extend all the comment strings and look through them for the name. Odds are you’ll see it and have the capacity to download the song for yourself.

  1. Use a Streaming Music Service

You can fit a great deal of music onto a compact media player, yet you don’t need confine yourself on the off chance if you use a live music streaming application like Spotify or Radio. Not only will you get to access a huge amount of music you don’t own, but it will also act as an awesome asset for finding new music you don’t have any acquaintance with you like yet. You can easily download these applications onto your cellphone. Make sure while listening to music from your cellphone that it is properly protected in a case, such as a wallet case from which not only protects your phone but also your money and cards!

  1. Backup and Sync Your Collection Across Computers

Your music collection will dependably be hard to keep up in the event that it traverses various PCs. The simple thing to do? Syncing. In case you’re quite recently adjusting a cluster of organizers you don’t have an issue, however in the event that you’re managing iTunes (and some other music players) you will keep running into continuous clashes. To figure out how to make synchronizing function admirably, look it up online. On the off chance that you simply need to synchronize locally, you can utilize Cubby or MediaRover. The reward of matching up on the web, obviously, is that you can get to your music gathering from anyplace with an internet connection. You’ll need to pay stockpiling expenses to do this, yet it’s advantageous on the off chance that you need steady get to.