Why Not Have a Little Bling With Your Music?

You love music and everything lyrical. So, we are inclined to ask you, why not have a little bling with your music. Music is gold for the ears, it is a precious stone for the emotions. It is better than just rock, it is every genre rolled up into one long strand of exquisite pearls. We know you’re here because music is so much more than notes and beats, it’s your heart and it’s time to bling.

When it comes to bling, Moti Ferder knows it well. As the owner of Lugano Diamonds, there’s nothing he wants more than to find you that perfect rock. And, if that rock, goes with a little roll, or a lot of bass, then everyone is happy. You want diamonds, you visit Lugano, you want diamonds in your music, and you keep reading.

Why Not Have a Little Bling With Your Music?

Diamonds in Your Music

Yes, we understand that you want diamonds in your earrings, on your rings, and in your bracelets. But, have you ever considered seeking out diamonds in your music? We wondered what music bling would actually look like and we found it in this list of musical gold:

  • Flawless- This 2013 hit by Beyonce allowed her to compare herself to externally flawless diamonds. Moti Ferder would call those “D” color, with “FL” clarity in an ideal cut.
  • Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes– A 1986 showstopper by Paul Simon, this song gives you that great Caribbean vibe. It’s about a wealthy girl and her poor suitor. Of course, some people think this had a much deeper, darker story line: the diamond trade in South Africa. Learn more.
  • Diamonds and Rust– Though seemingly not something you’d like to see together Joan Baez’s 1975 chart topper is about her affair with Bob Dylan. Judas Priest covered it in later years, but we prefer Baez’s ballad style.
  • Diamonds- The song featuring Young Jeezy is accredited to Fabolous (who probably needed a better teacher). Apparently some of the others in this genre didn’t like the song because Little Wayne decided not to join them due to his stance against the diamond trade industry.
  • Diamond Girl– Now this one is more up our alley, a 1973 hit by Seals and Crofts. They seem to think that lovers are like shiny diamonds. Unfortunately, their platonic relationship wasn’t too loving since they couldn’t keep their band together. Listen here.
  • Black Diamond– If you were looking for a real scream, KISS can provide you with their 1975 piece. For all intents and purposes it would appear this song is about a vagabond living on the streets.
  • White Diamond– We had a black diamond, so surely we needed a white one and Kylie Minogue gladly provides. She shares her heart as she sings about her battle with cancer in this 2010 melody. That diamond is the symbol of her strength in the midst of the battle.
  • Diamond Dogs– We couldn’t close you out of this list without including David Bowie. His 1974 song caused a lot of heat, especially due to the original album cover. The lyrics are far more cerebral than most people would anticipate, but still, it’s worthy of a listen.

We could totally give you several more to consider but instead, we’ll just point you to the link for the rest of the songs. Enjoy!