Cat Lovers Take a Look At The Top 5 Cat songs

Love cats?  Well cats have been popping up in music over the years. They make for some catchy songs and memorable ones at that. Even Memory from the hit Broadway play Cats was about cats (and sung by them) but that was too obvious to put in the list. Take a look at what showed up on our list and see if you know any of them. If you’re a cat lover and don’t know these songs, maybe it’s about time you got acquainted with songs that made the hit list and one that didn’t make the top 40 but sure pawed its way into our hearts and minds.

Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent had a song out in 1974 that you can still catch today on classic rock stations. You can’t help but sing along with or do a little head bob to. It was catchy then and it’s catchy now. Most don’t know all the words to the songs, but major props to those of you who do to this day even. However, it seems that everyone knows when to sing “cat scratch fever” when it pops up in the chorus. It’s one of those types of songs you hear when you’re driving in your car and just sing the part you know and the rest is just da da da’s.

Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats

This song by the Stray Cats, appropriately named was a song you couldn’t help but tap your feet to and try to sing along with. You may not be quick to admit it, but you know you enjoyed the ska feel of this song and couldn’t help but snap your fingers to the beat along with hit.

Cat’s in the Cradle – Harry Chapin

This song even was covered by a singer named Ugly Kid Joe in 1992 as well as other various artists since its original release by Harry Chapin in 1974. This song tells a great story that rings true to a lot of us. It talks about a father and son and their journey through the years. When the boy was young his father didn’t have time for him, when the father was old the son didn’t have time for him. It’s great, catchy, and the story is awesome.

Black Cat – Janet Jackson

Like her famous brother Michael, she had to dip her toe into the rock genre and did with the song Black Cat that came out in 1989. It brought a new crowd to rock and roll. You couldn’t deny its pull and it was just plain cool to see a pop singer dealing out a little rock.

The Meow Mix Song – Created by Ron Travisano

Need I say more about this commercial tune? You know you know it, and it’s one that’ll hang out in your head for a day or two before you can finally shake it out.