The Power of Restaurant Music

Have you ever wondered why your eatery business is not attracting people? The answer could be because something is missing from the atmosphere. Establishing and running your own business is a huge risk. Building a business takes lots of time, strategic planning, rigorous marketing, and patience. Just because your business is not engaging a healthy number of customers right now, doesn’t mean it is always going to stay this way. As Abraham Zaiderman, a restaurant business consultant, once said, “The restaurant business is a lifetime of successes and failures. Learning from your failure and never giving up is the mark of success.” You can take his advice to run your restaurant business and learn how to choose a right agent for your restaurant insurance as he has helped numerous companies.

The Power of Restaurant Music

Put yourself in your customer’s shoe and imagine what thing can lift their mood when they come into your restaurant? If the ambience is not a problem, then what is? The missing element might be the lack of music because music can change the ambience of a place in just a few seconds. Imagine Sir Mix-a-lot playing at a funeral instead of the hymn “Amazing Grace,” and you would crack up with laughter. Similarly, adding music to your restaurant can improve your profits and win over your customer’s hearts. Here are three innovative ways through which you can incorporate music into your restaurant’s atmosphere:

  • Background music:

Playing background music is the most convenient and easiest way to go.

Do you know that fast-paced and loud music makes the diners eat their dinner more quickly as compared to slow-paced music? The reason behind this is because loud and upbeat music activates the fight-or-flight response of the nervous system thereby pushing people to eat quicker than normal. As a result, their appetite diminishes, and they do not savour the food. This technique can be beneficial in increasing table turn-over, but it might discourage the customers from returning a second time. Therefore, your background music should be noticeable but not too evident and imposing. Go for a Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald vibe.

  • Hire a local band to play live music:

Only a handful restaurants invite bands to play their music. If all the eateries in your restaurant’s vicinity have background music system or no music at all, you can use this to your benefit. Having live music in your restaurant will set you apart from your competition. It will earn you more profit because customers along with the band’s fans will pour into the restaurant.

So first and foremost, decide the theme of the music you want to be played at your restaurant and hire a band according to your selected genre. You cannot play rock music in a posh restaurant. Therefore, choose the band accordingly. If your restaurant has a professional vibe, then it is preferable to hire a jazz band or a solo pianist or a violin player.

  • Arrange a weekly open mic night or a karaoke music:

Open mic nights are not only enjoyable for the audience, but they can benefit the local emerging musicians too, as it is a great opportunity for them to introduce their music and increase the number of their listeners. However, before allowing any band to play, give their music a try beforehand because you do not want your diners run for the hills by making them listen to crappy music.

Karaoke nights are also a good option because of the fun it brings. You can assign one evening of the week for karaoke music. Preferably Saturday nights, if your restaurant is located near a college because it will attract a healthy number of students who are looking for a break from studies. Karaoke is a fun thing because it brings people’s quirkiness out and adds a playful vibe to your eatery.