The creators of Rap Genius

Rap Genius Website Alternatives is a site that helps users understand the meaning of rap lyrics. Like Wiki, Rap Genius relies on user generated content and contribution. On the site, users can listen to rap songs, read lyrics and when users find a lyric or phrase that interested them, they can click on it and an explanation of the phrase will show in a pop-up window. Almost all of the content is contributed by users and Rap Genius editors will highlight the best user submissions. Users can also earn “Rap IQ” points.

As popular as Rap Genius is, the site’s future is unclear. Here are a couple of websites to check out that are alternatives to Rap Genius.

Kiss This Guy is for the music lover who frequently mishears lyrics. This website is hilarious and fun. You can spend a long time looking at the most frequently misheard lyrics as well as reading the correct lyrics. The search bar is great, you can search by Genre, Artist, Song, Lyric, or the lyric you think you heard. Like Rap Genius, this website relies on user contribution. One key difference is that on Kiss This Guy, you cannot listen to the song, but you can read the entire lyrics.

Song Meanings

Just like the website names says, Song Meanings will help you understand the meanings of thousands of songs from the most popular to some that are pretty obscure. This site has an easy to use search bar and also provides up to date industry news.


With a name like, you’d better be a top notch site and this one is. It has a clean, crisp design and the site has very few ads, which is a big plus. The search bar is easy to find and you can look up songs by artist, title, and lyrics. The site also provides industry news such as top songs and new releases. One really great feature of this site is that you are presented with a video of the song you searched for.

Lets Sing It

This site took a feather from IMDB’s cap. Not only can you search for songs by lyrics, artist, or song, but you also get full artists bios, pictures of the artists, the artists’ top songs and so much more. The site also lets users embed YouTube videos of the songs. If there is one downside to this site, it is that it can feel a little cluttered because it just offers so much information.

The creators of Rap GeniusLyrics Mode

This site is popular because it has a clean, easy to navigate design. The search bar is easy to find and the homepage shows an up to date list of the top 100 songs. One really cool feature of this site is that they list new songs on the homepage. This is a great way to find new music and artist. The site is a little bit ad heavy, but no more than most lyrics sites out there. Their community is big and friendly and pretty active.

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