Best Songs about Health and Doctors

You may have heard that music is good for your health and that is absolutely true. However, we wonder if you have ever noticed that some musicians actually sing about that topic. Therefore, we decided it would be a good idea to share with you the best songs about health and doctors.

Best Songs about Health and Doctors

And, in case you are struggling with finding the right doctor for you, or the best lab to handle your diagnosis, we suggest: True Health Diagnostics. They provide clinical testing in a laboratory to help manage, diagnose, and prevent some pretty serious illnesses. These illnesses include: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic conditions and other genetic disorders. In truth, they specialize in the early detection of these illnesses and even offer follow-up consultations, personalized healthy eating plans, and webinars to help manage your health concerns. Keeping yourself healthy will help you enjoy the songs on our list all the more.

7 Rad Songs about Health

You know how confusing healthcare is, and how expensive. That makes it quite an emotional topic. So, it shouldn’t shock you that musicians found plenty to write about in reference to health and doctors. See if you are familiar with these 7 rad songs about health:

  1. Destroyer– Sung by the Kinks, this piece is all about mental illness. Specifically, it discusses paranoia and how devastating that is to self-esteem and life in general.
  2. I Wanna be Well– Perhaps this may not seem like a health based song as it deals with drug addiction. But, even though it suggests that there is a desire for drugs, the title reminds listeners that addicts just want to be well. The act of self-medicating is a common instigator for them. If you don’t like it, take it up with the Ramones. Learn more.
  3. Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)- Obviously, this one is about doctors and is attributed to Robert Palmer. In this song, the issue revolves around being in love with a doctor and how no prescription will cure the disease.
  4. Robert– The Beatles were probably not as famous for this song as many of their others. However, it suggests that some questionable pills provided by Dr. Robert are somehow capable of picking you up when you’re down. All you will have to do is drink from his special cup. Read this.
  5. Nervous Breakdown– You shouldn’t be too surprised to see songs about mental illness proliferating this list. Particularly since mental illness is common amongst artists and musicians. Therefore, feel free to take a listen to Black Flag’s song about anxiety.
  6. Double Vision- This song’s muse was a goalie for the Rangers who got whacked in the head and suffered double vision that forced him out of the game against the Flyers. Foreigner was there and that led to a concept of double vision getting the best of them.
  7. Comfortably Numb– We would be remiss if we neglected to include a Pink Floyd hit. Some tranquilizers for stomach cramps prior to a show, led to Roger Water’s creation of this song. The tranquilizer must have helped him get on his feet again.

There are a couple of other songs you might be interested in listening to: Nausea (by X), Waiting Room (by Fugazi) and Calling Dr. Love (by KISS). We’re sure you can look them up on YouTube, here.

A Guide to Taking Care Of Your Earphones

Earphones or headphones or whatever listening device you have access to are pivotal to having music and remaining sane, so it’s critical that you treat them with the care and regard that they truly deserve. Keeping them in top condition is useful for both your cleanliness and the sound quality, so we’ve assembled a variety of tips for doing only that.

A Guide to Taking Care Of Your Earphones


Deal with your earphones while you’re utilizing them, as it can have even more an effect than you might suspect. Indeed, even essential precautionary measures, such as staying away from high or low temperatures, and pulling on the end plug as opposed to yanking on the link to eject them, can affect the life expectancy of your listening gear. Keep in mind that this apparatus is not really as powerful and as tough as you think it may be.

At the costlier end of the scale, Dr Dre advises us that fluids and high moistness ought to be maintained a strategic distance from, for fear that the sensitive gadgets inside the earphones can get easily damaged. It’s likewise worth considering the span of your eartips, if pertinent, and ensuring you’re utilizing ones that fit your ears easily and with a base measure of pushing and pressing.

Contingent upon the make and model of your earphones you might have the capacity to replace certain parts (like the ear pads or the ear tips) as opposed to using the harmed or worn out ones. Look out for your earphones with as much care as you do your cell phone and you shouldn’t go far off-base.


It’s implied that water and cleaning items don’t mix well with gadgets. A soft fabric, warm water and maybe a little cleanser are normally the most ideal method for keeping your earphones or headphones clean. It’s imperative to be careful while measuring the water and cleanser that you will be using. It is recommended to check the directions that come along with your earphones. Just like Shark Rocket HV382 does an awesome job at cleaning your floor, similarly, there are various cleansers out there that can do the same for your headphones. The vacuum cleaner comes with various attachments, dusting brush, duster crevice and mini motorized brush.

Keep a little towel to hand and you may likewise find a dry toothbrush helpful to unclog bits of soil and dirt and get inside coincided territories of the earphones or headphones that a fabric can’t quickly reach. In a similar way, cotton swabs or even a toothpick (used with consideration) can have the same effect on stubborn and hard to reach areas. Pat down your earphones with the towel thereafter and give it a lot of time to dry; this isn’t generally something you should be doing if you’re in a hurry to go out or something else is on your mind.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to use a cleanser, then baby wipes would do the same job. In the event that your earbuds have silicon tops to them, then take them off to clean them separately; the cables could likely do with a periodic wipe down as well, however you’re clearly going to concentrate the greater part of your care on the parts of your earphones that interact with your ears (it may be a smart idea to wipe those out, as well).

How To Fix A Broken Heart?

You might have had an experience of getting your heart broken sometime in your life. Conquering your broken heart is not something you can’t do. Though it takes the time to get over a cruel heartbreak yet obviously, you will eventually get over it. No matter you broke your heart because of an unrequited love, a job that you wanted, a failed attempt towards anything or whatever, you will eventually be able to forget it. Nonetheless, some effort from your side would be required. In order to get rid of this melancholic feeling of heartbreak try to follow these suggestions:

  • Cry It Out:

When it comes to getting your strength back from a broken heart, the first thing that you need to do is to cry out the agony of being sad! Yes, you read it right. Crying is the most important thing that you need to do in order to vent out all the emotions from your heart. All the feelings and sufferings that you have in your heart should come out of it so that you can breathe in the fresh air easily. Emitting all the sadness out of your life is possible only through crying and once you do that, you will find yourself a lot lighter and brighter.

How To Fix A Broken Heart?

  • Be Childish:

One way through which you can heal your broken heart is by being free spirit just like kids. When you act like a free spirit person, you forget everything happening around you and just live in the moment. Take some kids along with you and have a ride on pedal toys, rocking toys, sleds or wagons and you will soon start feeling rejuvenated. The electric cars and for kids are the best forms of entertainment and there are the ones that young ones (adults) can also experience, with kids. You don’t need to wait for any miracle and just get the party started anywhere at any time. This would help you very much and would fill your heart with happiness and joy. Read further to know how to fill your heart with happiness.

  • Don’t Start Feeling Bad About Yourself:

In case you have been rejected by a company you had always wanted to be associated with, do not take it so much to your heart that you would start feeling bad about yourself. Feelings of being rejected a bit in this situation are necessary for you so that you would work harder the next time to achieve whatever you would like to attain. However, losing hope altogether is not the right thing at this point. This could lead to breaking your entire personality. All you need to do is to wait for the next right opportunity and grab it as soon as you can.

  • Write It Down:

Keeping your feelings in your heart can lead to an eruption of a volcano one day. Do not let that happen. Talking your heart out with your friends or family members is necessary! If you can’t do that as you don’t have anyone to talk to, take a diary and write down all of your feelings in it. Whatever you feel should be vented out in it in such a manner that you would start feeling relieved after it. Once you are done with it, you would feel much better.

  • It’s Not The End Of The World:

Losing a loved one, being betrayed or losing a job is not a reason for which you should stop believing in yourself. Give yourself the hope that it is surely not the end of the world and you would find something or someone better soon enough.

Is It Safe To Listen To Music On A Motorcycle?

One of the biggest things that most music lovers struggle with is enjoying their music while riding a motorcycle.  Motorcycling is one of the most dangerous traveling methods there is because there are so many motorists that simply refuse to pay attention to motorcycles and the motorcycles are a lot harder to spot on the road than a bigger car, especially if you invest in a dark colored motorcycle and biking attire.  Riding a motorcycle itself is quite dangerous because a simple judgment mistake could lead to a terrible fall.  So is it safe to enjoy your favorite tunes while you are travelling on motorcycle?  Well, experts say that it is not quite as safe as going without music because your attention can be swept away by the songs, adrenaline pumping songs can provoke you to exceed the speeding limits and you could miss out on warning signals like horning honks.  But that doesn’t mean that listening to music is dangerous either.  Riding a bike involves a lot of road noise like wind and your bike’s engine which means you cannot hear much beyond these road noises anyhow.  Listening to music can be safe as long as your attention stays focused on the road and as long as you aren’t influenced by fast pitched songs.

Is It Safe To Listen To Music On A Motorcycle?

Get a Bluetooth helmet

When you are shopping for a helmet with the intention to listen to music on the road then you should firstly consider safety, secondly road noise and thirdly Bluetooth.  On BestSeekers you can scout the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet because this review site discusses all of the latest and safest Bluetooth helmets that are currently on the market.  All of the helmets reviewed here meet the DOT standards and you get a good idea of the weight of the helmet, the comfort ability, features, style and functionality.  The main reason to check out the helmets on this site is because all of these helmets have Bluetooth which means you can stream music from your phone and enjoy all of your favorite tunes while gliding along the long roads with your glorious motorcycle.

Great tunes for your travels

Born to be wild – Born to be Wild may be a classical tune but is still the best song you can listen to while biking.  The song was released in 1969 and became popular when a movie adopted it for anthem. The light rock song is perfect for keeping you focused during long trips.

Bat out of Hell – This song by Meat Loaf sold over 43 million copies and is one of the top biker songs because of the light rock background and the fact that this song is almost ten minutes long which is perfect for the long road.

Midnight Rider – This 1970’s song by the Allman Brothers Band is a slow classical song that is perfect for exploring beautiful scenery while biking.

Black Betty – The hard rock song Black Betty by Ram Jam was released in 1977 and might be about a car but is still a great song for your biking trails.

How to Be Inspired From A Broken Heart

Love is something that can cause different people with bliss. In fact, those who are in love cannot help but feel happy whenever they are with their loved ones and they are not fighting. The opposite can occur when people split up with the ones that they love. They may tend to feel like nothing right is going to happen to them anymore.

At times, suffering from a broken heart can come with a lot of other blows. For example, because you have had your heart broken, you cannot function very well. This has caused you to break down and lose your job. If before you had an income, now you do not even have enough money to do things that are supposed to heal you.

It is okay that you are going to wallow in sadness. It is okay that you will mourn for it and feel it for a certain period of time. It usually takes 4 days before the sadness will start to dissipate but you should not make it longer than that. The longer that you allow yourself to feel sad, the harder it will be to keep your life back on track.

When your heart is broken, there are different things that you can do in order to fix yourself again. For example, why not write? When you are heart broken, you are feeling something deep. You are connecting with your soul. You may realize that this is the time when you can actually think of words that describe your feelings. You may write lyrics and even compose songs that will talk about your current state. At the same time, it will make you realize that sadness – it will come and go. The most important thing is that you are thinking of ways to let go. Take a look at these quotes if you need more help moving on.

How to Be Inspired From A Broken Heart

Perhaps it is the time for you to think about the items that you currently have. If the car that you have right now reminds you of your past relationship then perhaps it is time to sell it and move on. If you do not want to do anything drastic, you can have your automotive lock pick Perth checked. Just to be sure that you are the only one who has access to the vehicle. You can be sure that with the right locksmith, your car’s lock will be safe and secure.

You also have to remember these life lessons:

  1. Being at the bottom will make you realize that there is nowhere to go but up. As you become inspired further, the better that you will feel.
  2. You are not the only one who is feeling lousy. A lot of people are trying to fix their lives and the things that they are experiencing so far. You always have the power to stop yourself from feeling bad.
  3. You will realize that after some time, your life will go back to normal. It is true that your loved one will not be around anymore but the people that you have always counted on will still be there for you. That is what matters most.

Let sadness allow you to realize that happiness is something that should not be taken for granted.

How to Prepare Yourself to Perform a Concert

Do you get the shivers when you are about to perform in front of an audience? Does the very idea of it make your feel nervous? Do you always feel underprepared before going on stage to perform a concert? If the answer to any of those questions was yes, then you are in serious need of learning how to perform a concert. Of course, in order to perform well on stage, the first and foremost requirement is to be healthy and active. Go ahead and purchase some Organic Spirulina Powder so that your energy levels stay up, your aging process slows down and your immunity stays strong. Here’s a quick link: Additionally, here are some tips that could help you out:

How to Prepare Yourself to Perform a Concert

Different preliminary performances:

Performing before others requires abilities that we don’t really create when we are practicing all on our own. It is important to perform before others, and in addition to incorporate various diverse settings in our practice, as a part of our concert planning. Most experts schedule a few preliminary exhibitions, (for example, home shows or semi-private run-throughs) before an open show. There are parts of execution that we can chip away at most viably while performing, for example, stream, ease, projection, style (or the measurement of our melodic motions), the bigger picture idea, energy level, etc. The more we play out a piece, the better these perspectives get.

Record yourself:

Record yourself and try to record your score to zoom into the areas that need work. That will improve every execution of your performance. Make certain to utilize applications, for example, the Amazing Slow Downer to tune in to your performance at slower speeds without changing the pitch. You’ll be stunned at what amount is going ahead at the smaller scale level, and how much work there is yet to be done to enhance your intonation, ensemble and different basics of your performance. Tune in to your own recordings with a logical mindset, without becoming involved with the shortages of the sound quality. The sound of the clarinet is especially hard to catch with a telephone, tablet or Zoom. In this way, don’t stress: your sound is not as terrible as it appears in the recording. Be cool and proceed onward to tuning in to different parts of the recording. Continue refining both the points of interest and the master plan.

Rehearse techniques to expand your performance control and confidence:

The most ideal approach to accomplish an awesome performance is an extraordinary plan. There are a few particular methodologies we can incorporate into our day by day practice to build performance control and general confidence in front of an audience.


Confidence is worked after some time. When you see the aftereffects of compelling practice in your own performance again and again, you start to confide in your work. You become more acquainted with the fact that as long as you get ready for a performance in a certain way, the level will be high.

Play perfect when you rehearse:

When you practice you have to play perfectly (yes, even when you are beginning to learn something new). That implies you have to play gradually for some time, before you begin to get somewhat speedier every time. Otherwise, there are a lot of chances that you won’t include everything that is meant to be included. Here are a few more tips!

How to Enhance Your Music Listening Experience on Your Phone and Computer

Want to know how you can enhance your music listening experience on your phone as well as your computer? Check out these awesome tips:


  1. Tidy Up Your Music Library

It’s hard to listen to your music in the event that you can’t discover it. While not especially attractive, one of the best updates you can perform is tidying up and sorting out your music library. Macintosh iTunes clients can profit by Doug’s AppleScripts, however generally this will be an entirely exhausting errand. Assemble a decent blend on a different PC or music player and make the most of your main tunes while you strip your library of its copies and undesirable tracks. It won’t be fun, yet it’ll be certainly justified regardless of the exertion.

  1. Blend It Up with Some Live Shows

You can bear pretty much any tune you need nowadays, yet that is seldom superior to anything seeing your most loved groups live. In the event that you need to ensure you never miss an essential show, Songkick is an application for iOS and Android that’ll watch out for your music library and know when groups you like are playing. It’s a free download, and an easy approach to continue top of the shows you would prefer not to miss.

  1. Locate Those Obscure Songs via Searching YouTube Comment Threads

Finding new songs by means of YouTube can be magnificent, aside from when you can’t really discover them. A considerable measure of YouTube recordings pick some awesome tunes and after that totally disregard to mention the singer. You’re most likely not by any means the only one who has watched this video and found the absence of credit irritating, so your most solid option is to extend all the comment strings and look through them for the name. Odds are you’ll see it and have the capacity to download the song for yourself.

  1. Use a Streaming Music Service

You can fit a great deal of music onto a compact media player, yet you don’t need confine yourself on the off chance if you use a live music streaming application like Spotify or Radio. Not only will you get to access a huge amount of music you don’t own, but it will also act as an awesome asset for finding new music you don’t have any acquaintance with you like yet. You can easily download these applications onto your cellphone. Make sure while listening to music from your cellphone that it is properly protected in a case, such as a wallet case from which not only protects your phone but also your money and cards!

  1. Backup and Sync Your Collection Across Computers

Your music collection will dependably be hard to keep up in the event that it traverses various PCs. The simple thing to do? Syncing. In case you’re quite recently adjusting a cluster of organizers you don’t have an issue, however in the event that you’re managing iTunes (and some other music players) you will keep running into continuous clashes. To figure out how to make synchronizing function admirably, look it up online. On the off chance that you simply need to synchronize locally, you can utilize Cubby or MediaRover. The reward of matching up on the web, obviously, is that you can get to your music gathering from anyplace with an internet connection. You’ll need to pay stockpiling expenses to do this, yet it’s advantageous on the off chance that you need steady get to.

Tips for Writing Music and Lyrics

When it comes to writing music and lyrics, we all tend to get stuck at one phase or the other. Composing music is supposed to be fun, and if it feels like it’s getting overwhelming or too much to handle, you know you’re going wrong somewhere. Here are a few tips that can help you out:

Tips for Writing Music and Lyrics

Listen to and Learn from Other Composers

There is something to be gained from each and every performer or band out there. Listen to how your most loved artists build their tunes; analyze the style, the tone, how diverse instruments cooperate etc. If you’re into old school music, then listen to how certain notes play out in those tunes. You can implement a considerable lot of similar thoughts into your own music or even take some of their riffs and change them to fit your style. This is an extraordinary approach to put together new songs.

Utilize Music Composition Software

Music composition software can be an artist’s closest companion. These projects help in the composition procedure by sorting out your work and permit you to see what you’re playing. Quality software bundles give highlights including a metronome to keep beat, playback, so you can listen to what you’ve made, input, so you can snare your instrument or mouthpiece specifically to your PC and record a tune you play or sing and huge amounts of altering devices so you can without much of a stretch form a tune.

Search for Musical Inspiration

Before composing a bit of music, it’s good to inspire yourself a little. Inspiration originates from surrounding us: our feelings, connections, nature, individuals and encounters a few melodies are even about dreamlike circumstances. A major portion of discovering inspiration is placing yourself in circumstances that energize motivation and after that remember it when it comes.

We all have distinctive individuals come into our lives; connections have dependably been interesting issue for lyricists. To create different thoughts, escape the house, go someplace, and accomplish something. This could even be something as basic as strolling in the mall or down the road. You’ll be surprised where inspiration can be found.

Have a Lot of Fun

You initially began composing music because you cherish music. In case you’re getting tired or fed up of making music, then accomplish something else for some time. Individuals have a tendency to do what they cherish best.

There is No Wrong Answer in Music Composition

Composing music is something in which there is no right or wrong. A few tunes are catchier than others are, and everybody will compose some terrible stanzas. It’s OK; that is the reason we have updates. Keep in mind this while composing music: it will improve you feel and help you maintain a strategic distance from a temporarily uncooperative mind.

Characterize Your Music Composition Goal

Is it true that you are composing music for yourself or for other individuals? This alone will thoroughly change the tone and style of your music. On the off chance that you are composing for yourself, you have more opportunity to compose what and how you need.

Conversely, on the off chance that you are composing for other individuals, it is a smart thought to distinguish your intended interest group and compose music they will appreciate.

Did Your Music Studio Flood? Here’s What You Need to Do

A flood is a devastating event. Whether it is caused by a natural disaster or a plumbing malfunction, there are certain moves you can make to help minimize the damage and salvage your belongings. If your music studio has flooded, here are the first steps you need to take to help get you on the road to recovery.

Did Your Music Studio Flood? Here’s What You Need to Do

Call Your Insurance Company

If you have insurance, your first step needs to be a call to your insurance company. You want to inform them of the current situation and see what your coverage includes regarding the assessment of the damages as well as repair of the studio structure and replacement of your personal property. Insurance companies may have different requirements regarding how things need to proceed, so it is best to get them involved in the process from the beginning.

Get Rid of the Water

The second thing you need to do after a flood is to get the water out of your studio. You can check into services available in your area, such as services for water removal in Kansas City, to have the process managed professionally. Often, these service providers have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to get the job done quickly. And, the faster the water is removed, the sooner you can move forward with renovations.

Take Photographs

At every point in the process, you need to document any damage that is found. This includes signs of damage to the structure, such as how far the water made it up the walls, as well as any items that were harmed or destroyed. Since a music studio can have a lot of electronics, much of this equipment will be considered a loss once they have been fully submerged. Certain instruments will also be unsafe to use or will no longer operate, so capture as many images of these items as possible.

Make a List

Whether you begin listing the damages while you take photographs or use the pictures to create a list, you want to write down everything that you know has been damaged. This is especially true if everything must be disposed of along the way, as it will help you keep track of everything during this chaotic time.

Wait for an Electrician

Do not turn on the power until the entire music studio has been inspected by an electrician. Water can cause significant damage to the electrical lines running throughout your home and, even if it looks like all of the water is gone, it is possible that some fluid has been trapped in the walls, outlets, or other parts of the structure.

Turning on the power before the inspection is complete can have dire consequences, including serious injury or death. Getting a professional opinion regarding the safety of the system should not be considered optional.

Disinfect Everything You Are Trying to Save

Some items may be salvageable if they are properly cleaned. For example, using a steam-based deep cleaner to extract water from area rugs may help save them. Non-porous materials, such as silverware, can be sterilized in a dishwasher as long as the temperature reaches 140 degrees F and the proper detergents are used. Porous items, such as wooden utensils and baby bottles, cannot be safely disinfected and should be disposed of properly.

Any fabric-covered items should be disinfected and observed for multiple days before using them again. In some cases, the presence of contaminants may not be obvious for a few days even after they have been cleaned. Anything that appears to have molded or mildewed or that has a strange odor should be discarded for safety.

Enjoy All the Best Music Shows during Your Trip to America

Music is always a great reason to travel because when you enjoy concerts, follow your favorite band on tour or check out some local musicians you get a good taste of the best songs, you get to explore new worlds and you get to make unforgettable memories.  America is one of the best places to visit if you love to enjoy a great variety of music simply because the country and its people are so diverse in tastes.  You can have a blast at major concerts for just about any music genre that you like because pop, rock, jazz and even classical shows can be found in any major city.  Even local artists are something to behold when you visit this fantastic country.

Enjoy All the Best Music Shows during Your Trip to America

Why LAX airport is a great place to start

LAX airport is one of the biggest airports in the USA.  Thousands of travelers use LAX airport on a daily basis.  The airport offers professional and reliable service and is sure to accommodate you.  LAX airport in Los Angeles is a great place to start touring America because you are relatively close to lots of different music hotspots and fantastic tourist attractions.

Use a good car service company for trips to and from LAX airport

Any country can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions.  A good car service company like MGCLS will ensure you get to your destinations as safely as possible because this fantastic company offers great service, fantastic vehicles and they can even supply you with a personal chauffeur for your trips.

Travel in style with LAX car service

The LAX car service or MGCLS car service company will enable you to travel in ultimate style while you visit one music concert after another.  You can travel in comfortable smaller but luxury vehicles like a Tesla or Cadillac or even go all out and travel around in an amazing H2 Hummer along with all of your friends.  Visit to have a look at all of MGCLS’s terrific luxury vehicles.

Get a car rental to export you to major cities

MGCLS are professionals when it comes to transporting people in style. They offer transportation services from LAX airport to any of the major cities in the area.  You can watch as many shows in in Los Angeles as you like, enjoy music in San Diego, attend music concerts in Santa Barbara, go to Palm Springs for a taste of their local talents, visit Orange County and have fun at major music events or have a blast in Las Vegas which is basically the party central of the world.

Remember to book your concert tickets in advance

Concert tickets to major shows are sold out quickly in the USA, especially if a famous artist is performing at the music show.  You should book your concert tickets in advance so you can be ensured of a spot at major concerts.  You can book music, concert and theatre tickets online even before you take your trip to the USA and use all of your time there on sightseeing instead of seeking concerts.