Did Your Music Studio Flood? Here’s What You Need to Do

A flood is a devastating event. Whether it is caused by a natural disaster or a plumbing malfunction, there are certain moves you can make to help minimize the damage and salvage your belongings. If your music studio has flooded, here are the first steps you need to take to help get you on the road to recovery.

Did Your Music Studio Flood? Here’s What You Need to Do

Call Your Insurance Company

If you have insurance, your first step needs to be a call to your insurance company. You want to inform them of the current situation and see what your coverage includes regarding the assessment of the damages as well as repair of the studio structure and replacement of your personal property. Insurance companies may have different requirements regarding how things need to proceed, so it is best to get them involved in the process from the beginning.

Get Rid of the Water

The second thing you need to do after a flood is to get the water out of your studio. You can check into services available in your area, such as services for water removal in Kansas City, to have the process managed professionally. Often, these service providers have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to get the job done quickly. And, the faster the water is removed, the sooner you can move forward with renovations.

Take Photographs

At every point in the process, you need to document any damage that is found. This includes signs of damage to the structure, such as how far the water made it up the walls, as well as any items that were harmed or destroyed. Since a music studio can have a lot of electronics, much of this equipment will be considered a loss once they have been fully submerged. Certain instruments will also be unsafe to use or will no longer operate, so capture as many images of these items as possible.

Make a List

Whether you begin listing the damages while you take photographs or use the pictures to create a list, you want to write down everything that you know has been damaged. This is especially true if everything must be disposed of along the way, as it will help you keep track of everything during this chaotic time.

Wait for an Electrician

Do not turn on the power until the entire music studio has been inspected by an electrician. Water can cause significant damage to the electrical lines running throughout your home and, even if it looks like all of the water is gone, it is possible that some fluid has been trapped in the walls, outlets, or other parts of the structure.

Turning on the power before the inspection is complete can have dire consequences, including serious injury or death. Getting a professional opinion regarding the safety of the system should not be considered optional.

Disinfect Everything You Are Trying to Save

Some items may be salvageable if they are properly cleaned. For example, using a steam-based deep cleaner to extract water from area rugs may help save them. Non-porous materials, such as silverware, can be sterilized in a dishwasher as long as the temperature reaches 140 degrees F and the proper detergents are used. Porous items, such as wooden utensils and baby bottles, cannot be safely disinfected and should be disposed of properly.

Any fabric-covered items should be disinfected and observed for multiple days before using them again. In some cases, the presence of contaminants may not be obvious for a few days even after they have been cleaned. Anything that appears to have molded or mildewed or that has a strange odor should be discarded for safety.

Enjoy All the Best Music Shows during Your Trip to America

Music is always a great reason to travel because when you enjoy concerts, follow your favorite band on tour or check out some local musicians you get a good taste of the best songs, you get to explore new worlds and you get to make unforgettable memories.  America is one of the best places to visit if you love to enjoy a great variety of music simply because the country and its people are so diverse in tastes.  You can have a blast at major concerts for just about any music genre that you like because pop, rock, jazz and even classical shows can be found in any major city.  Even local artists are something to behold when you visit this fantastic country.

Enjoy All the Best Music Shows during Your Trip to America

Why LAX airport is a great place to start

LAX airport is one of the biggest airports in the USA.  Thousands of travelers use LAX airport on a daily basis.  The airport offers professional and reliable service and is sure to accommodate you.  LAX airport in Los Angeles is a great place to start touring America because you are relatively close to lots of different music hotspots and fantastic tourist attractions.

Use a good car service company for trips to and from LAX airport

Any country can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions.  A good car service company like MGCLS will ensure you get to your destinations as safely as possible because this fantastic company offers great service, fantastic vehicles and they can even supply you with a personal chauffeur for your trips.

Travel in style with LAX car service

The LAX car service or MGCLS car service company will enable you to travel in ultimate style while you visit one music concert after another.  You can travel in comfortable smaller but luxury vehicles like a Tesla or Cadillac or even go all out and travel around in an amazing H2 Hummer along with all of your friends.  Visit https://mgcls.com/fleet to have a look at all of MGCLS’s terrific luxury vehicles.

Get a car rental to export you to major cities

MGCLS are professionals when it comes to transporting people in style. They offer transportation services from LAX airport to any of the major cities in the area.  You can watch as many shows in in Los Angeles as you like, enjoy music in San Diego, attend music concerts in Santa Barbara, go to Palm Springs for a taste of their local talents, visit Orange County and have fun at major music events or have a blast in Las Vegas which is basically the party central of the world.

Remember to book your concert tickets in advance

Concert tickets to major shows are sold out quickly in the USA, especially if a famous artist is performing at the music show.  You should book your concert tickets in advance so you can be ensured of a spot at major concerts.  You can book music, concert and theatre tickets online even before you take your trip to the USA and use all of your time there on sightseeing instead of seeking concerts.

Introduce music into your little one’s life

It is known that music comes naturally to anyone. There is nothing cuter than witnessing our little one singing a song to their favorite stuffed animal. Toddlers also love tapping their feet to a rhyme or song. There is nothing more natural than the emotions that come with music to a child. There are things like nursery rhymes that automatically bring out song in your child but you can actually motivate them to get more in touch with music and it is going to be fun for you and for them.  Our best audience members are our children because they love it if we sing to them whether we can carry a tune or not.  Click here to read the benefits of music to your child.

Introduce music into your little one’s life

By introducing music to your toddler you are starting a learning process and offer them a chance to delve into their musical abilities early on in life. Music taps into one of most important senses which is hearing which creates a pathway for your child to learn and experience something invaluable. Your child might be the next Bach or Mozart. If not they will have fun experiencing the soothing quality of music. It has been scientifically proven that kids respond best to music between the ages of 1 and 3. The fun thing about introducing music to your child is that you don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive musical equipment because anything in your house can be a drum set or perhaps a cymbal. Use noisemaking items around the house to let your child find their rhythm and play along with them to make it more fun for you too. You might want to have a headache tablet on hand after the lesson.

The best suggestion would obviously not be the next best pop hit but preferably a song that include hand movements for example “Hickory Dickory Dock”. There are so many cute songs to choose from that will keep your child interactive and engaged. Take a look at http://www.babykidsdepot.com/ for some fantastic educational toys that will not only provide your child with hours of play but also a learning experience while playing. You want to give your children every opportunity to learn and to succeed which means you should start as early as possible. Barbie is great but she doesn’t really teach your little girl anything other than the fun of dressing up.

All of us have watched videos on the internet of little ones singing their hearts out while dancing to a beat. It is definitely cute and entertaining. You can start the musical process by introducing nursery rhyme sing along songs to them. You might be surprised by how quickly they will remember the lyrics. Click here for a few well-known nursery rhymes. Teaching your child about music and dancing needs to be an interactive experience so it is important to prepare yourself and realize that you are going to have to do a few demonstration dances.

Have a Gig on Your Schedule? Here’s How to Inform Your Fans

Before your band hits it big, you may find yourself bouncing from venue to venue taking on any gig you can find. Part of what makes a successful gig is filling the space with adoring fans. And that means you need to get the word out about your upcoming show. But if you are tight on cash (as many artists are early in their career) you need to find cost-effective ways to let everyone know about the performance.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can reach out to fans without having to spend a lot of money to do so. If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips to get things going.

Have a Gig on Your Schedule? Here’s How to Inform Your Fans

Work with the Venue

You aren’t the only person interested in the success of your show; the venue in which you are performing also wants a large crowd. That means what is good for you is good for them. In some cases, venues have advertising budgets or mechanisms to help call attention to upcoming events.

See what information the venue can post on their website, as well as any signage at the location. They may also have resources that allow the placement of flyers and other such physical advertising or may have deals with local media outlets for discounted rates.

Ultimately, this is an option where it doesn’t hurt to ask. You may be surprised what they are able to do.

Local Businesses

A variety of local businesses may also allow items like flyers to be posted in their facilities. Music stores are an obvious choice, as well as any locations that feature boards containing information about local events. Coffee shops and restaurants can also be great choices, as long as they are not in the same line of business as your venue.

Setup Your Own Websites and Pages

If your band isn’t taking advantage of social media, then you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to connect with local music aficionados. Most platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, allow you to create pages at no cost. That means you can display important information without having to pay any additional fees.

When a small investment is feasible, consider starting your own website. Domain names and hosting can be secured for a relatively low cost, and many website design software packages are very user-friendly. That means you do not need to be an expert in web design or other technical skills to enjoy the exposure the internet can provide.

Text Messaging

Text messaging, also referred to as SMS, is still a popular form of communication. If you have gathered cell phone numbers from fans throughout your travels, the bulk SMS notifications are also an easy choice. People generally keep their cell phones nearby at all times, so it is an easy way to reach a large group of fans almost instantaneously.

Most smartphone users get unlimited text messaging, so sending a message to someone who has signed up won’t cost your fans anything. And SMS services can help you coordinate entire campaigns leading up to your performance.

Local Radio

If a local radio station plays music in the style that your band plays, see if they would be interested in an interview. You may be able to get some time on the air to plug your band and your upcoming show. While smaller stations may not charge much (if anything) for the opportunity, it can be considered a marketing service which can come with additional costs. But this is another area where asking doesn’t hurt anything, so consider giving it a try.

Ways to Congratulate a Band on Their Big Break

Making it big in the music industry is hard.  Like in seriously hard.  As in almost impossible!  Those who do finally make it deserve a big pat on the back because they do have exceptional talent and they probably put in a lot of effort to get people to start noticing their work.  If you have a friend who just made it big in the music industry by landing a good contract then it is time to show them how proud you are of them with these fantastic congratulation ideas.

Ways to Congratulate a Band on Their Big Break

Send a confetti bomb

Confetti glitter bombs from Confetti Mail Bomb are usually sent as payback, prank or to annoy someone because the confetti is incredibly hard to clean.  Confetti gets stuck in your hair, on your clothes, in your carpets and sofas and will be noticeable for many weeks to come.  But you still cannot say confetti without a smile on your face and no matter how annoying glitter is to clean off, it is still beautiful.  A confetti bomb is the perfect celebration message to a friend who just made big waves in the music industry.  The Confetti Mail Bomb will even include a personalized message to your confetti bomb so you can say congratulations and make a mini celebration even though you are miles away from your friend.  He will surely be thinking about you every time he sees the glitter.

Throw them a party

A party is always a great idea.  You can invite all of the band’s friends and family and even some of their fans to help celebrate their big success.  A celebration party is an especially good idea if the band is heading on tour or has to go away for recordings because they also get to say goodbye to everyone before they leave.

Buy them a gift

A nice gift is always great to show them how much you believe in them and support them.  You can look into some fun gifts like custom made T-shirts, tasty candy baskets, a wine or champagne basket and much more.  There are a lot of terrific ideas out there that any band would love.  Even a small gift like a pocket torch or watch can be a terrific reminder of the friendship you share.

Spoil them with baked goods

Are you good in the kitchen?  Then there is no reason to spend too much money on a gift.  Bake some cookies instead so the band can have something to snack on while they practice, go on tour or work hard on their next big song.

Sponsor them

All new musicians are broke.  If you have some cash lying around then a bit of support will help the band out a lot.  You can sponsor them by paying for a tour, paying for their advertising material or by buying them some fantastic new music equipment so they will have the best possible chance of making it big in the big world.

Cat Lovers Take a Look At The Top 5 Cat songs

Love cats?  Well cats have been popping up in music over the years. They make for some catchy songs and memorable ones at that. Even Memory from the hit Broadway play Cats was about cats (and sung by them) but that was too obvious to put in the list. Take a look at what showed up on our list and see if you know any of them. If you’re a cat lover and don’t know these songs, maybe it’s about time you got acquainted with songs that made the hit list and one that didn’t make the top 40 but sure pawed its way into our hearts and minds.

Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent had a song out in 1974 that you can still catch today on classic rock stations. You can’t help but sing along with or do a little head bob to. It was catchy then and it’s catchy now. Most don’t know all the words to the songs, but major props to those of you who do to this day even. However, it seems that everyone knows when to sing “cat scratch fever” when it pops up in the chorus. It’s one of those types of songs you hear when you’re driving in your car and just sing the part you know and the rest is just da da da’s.

Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats

This song by the Stray Cats, appropriately named was a song you couldn’t help but tap your feet to and try to sing along with. You may not be quick to admit it, but you know you enjoyed the ska feel of this song and couldn’t help but snap your fingers to the beat along with hit.

Cat’s in the Cradle – Harry Chapin

This song even was covered by a singer named Ugly Kid Joe in 1992 as well as other various artists since its original release by Harry Chapin in 1974. This song tells a great story that rings true to a lot of us. It talks about a father and son and their journey through the years. When the boy was young his father didn’t have time for him, when the father was old the son didn’t have time for him. It’s great, catchy, and the story is awesome.

Black Cat – Janet Jackson

Like her famous brother Michael, she had to dip her toe into the rock genre and did with the song Black Cat that came out in 1989. It brought a new crowd to rock and roll. You couldn’t deny its pull and it was just plain cool to see a pop singer dealing out a little rock.

The Meow Mix Song – Created by Ron Travisano

Need I say more about this commercial tune? You know you know it, and it’s one that’ll hang out in your head for a day or two before you can finally shake it out.


Top 10 Websites for Music Lyrics

Music. We turn it on as background noise. To set the mood. To express our feelings. We use it to pump us up during a workout or express our feelings during a breakup. But when you’re singing along, do you ever wonder if you have the lyrics right? Check out these ten websites and you’ll never get Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody wrong, again.http://www.vastlyrics.com/how-to-save-money-downloading-music-as-a-poor-university-student/

Lyrics Mode

Probably the best thing about this site, other than its easy to use search bar, is that they list new songs on the homepage. Not only is this site great for looking up lyrics it’s also a good way to discover new songs and artists.

Lyrics Planet

This site has a huge library of music lyrics in almost every genre. You can search by artist, song title, or song phrase. The site is a little ad heavy, but the search function is front and center on the home page which is great.

Kiss This Guy

Kiss This Guy is dedicated to all the misheard lyrics of the world. It is a funny and fun website that aims to clear up all misunderstood and misheard songs and you can find information on current songs and past hits. You can search by Genre, Artist, Song, Lyric, or the lyric you think you heard.

Metro Lyrics

Metro Lyrics has a cool, modern and professional feel. The homepage shows the Top 100 songs, there is also current music and artist news. Their search function is cool because you can enter part of a song and it will find the song you are thinking about.


This website is probably the most polished out there. Minimal ads, lots of news and new songs on the homepage. They have literally thousands of songs in their database and an easy to use search bar. This site has been around for a while and has great, established community boards.

Lets Sing It

This site is like the IMDB of the music world. Not only can you find any song or artist, but it will also give you the artist bio, top songs by the artist and much more. And if you search for a particular song, you will be presented with an embedded YouTube video of the song on the results page.

A-Z Lyrics

This is the perfect site to find famous songs and artist. Its search bar is very basic: just enter a few keywords and it will pull up lyrics, songs, and artists that are related to the keyword search.

Song Lyrics

This is a cool website that lets you search for artists, songs, and you can also search by genre. The homepage lists not only the top 100 songs but also the top albums.

Song Meanings

This website could use a refresh. It is a little ad heavy and it doesn’t look professionally executed. Where it really stands out is that this website will explain the meaning of songs (Such as Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks). The search results pull up the lyrics of the song you searched for as well as the song meaning. It’s nice that users can comment on song meanings and they seem to have an involved community.


Lyrics Fly

This is a straightforward searchable database of more than 500,000 songs. You can search by artist, album, lyric, and song. When the website opens, it looks a little bit like the Google search engine. This is probably the easiest website to use, if all you want is lyrics. There’s no Top 10 or 100, no music news…Just lyrics.

The creators of Rap Genius

Rap Genius Website Alternatives

Rapgenius.com is a site that helps users understand the meaning of rap lyrics. Like Wiki, Rap Genius relies on user generated content and contribution. On the site, users can listen to rap songs, read lyrics and when users find a lyric or phrase that interested them, they can click on it and an explanation of the phrase will show in a pop-up window. Almost all of the content is contributed by users and Rap Genius editors will highlight the best user submissions. Users can also earn “Rap IQ” points.http://www.vastlyrics.com/top-10-websites-for-music-lyrics/

As popular as Rap Genius is, the site’s future is unclear. Here are a couple of websites to check out that are alternatives to Rap Genius.


Kiss This Guy is for the music lover who frequently mishears lyrics. This website is hilarious and fun. You can spend a long time looking at the most frequently misheard lyrics as well as reading the correct lyrics. The search bar is great, you can search by Genre, Artist, Song, Lyric, or the lyric you think you heard. Like Rap Genius, this website relies on user contribution. One key difference is that on Kiss This Guy, you cannot listen to the song, but you can read the entire lyrics.

Song Meanings

Just like the website names says, Song Meanings will help you understand the meanings of thousands of songs from the most popular to some that are pretty obscure. This site has an easy to use search bar and also provides up to date industry news.


With a name like Lyrics.com, you’d better be a top notch site and this one is. It has a clean, crisp design and the site has very few ads, which is a big plus. The search bar is easy to find and you can look up songs by artist, title, and lyrics. The site also provides industry news such as top songs and new releases. One really great feature of this site is that you are presented with a video of the song you searched for.

Lets Sing It

This site took a feather from IMDB’s cap. Not only can you search for songs by lyrics, artist, or song, but you also get full artists bios, pictures of the artists, the artists’ top songs and so much more. The site also lets users embed YouTube videos of the songs. If there is one downside to this site, it is that it can feel a little cluttered because it just offers so much information.

The creators of Rap GeniusLyrics Mode

This site is popular because it has a clean, easy to navigate design. The search bar is easy to find and the homepage shows an up to date list of the top 100 songs. One really cool feature of this site is that they list new songs on the homepage. This is a great way to find new music and artist. The site is a little bit ad heavy, but no more than most lyrics sites out there. Their community is big and friendly and pretty active.

How to Save Money Downloading Music as a Poor University Student

University students have a lot to keep them busy: studies, classes, and clubs. But despite their busy schedules, most university students like to listen to and download music as much as the next person, maybe even more. After all, music can help university students study, relax, and workout. Plus, it’s just nice to have a well-stocked music library! But students are often on a tight budget so here are a couple of tips to help university students download music for less. While you’re jamming out, take a look at this degrees and debt site, which can help you decide on your next move after graduation.


If you have an iTunes account, try to stock up on iTunes cards when they are on sale. Usually around Thanksgiving, you can find these cards on sale (sometimes as low as $5.00 for a $10.00 card) so keep your eyes peeled and check the sales papers. Some convenience stores will run specials on iTunes cards, such as receiving a $5.00 card for a $25.00 purchase. If you need toothpaste and shampoo, anyway, why not get a free card with your purchase?

iTunes also has a bunch of free or discounted songs that you can download. This is a great way to discover new groups. Usually the free music is updated once a week so you can build up your music library in almost no time at all. And don’t overlook their $.69 cent deals. It’s worth starting every music download session by first browsing the $.69 cent songs.http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/students/student-guide

File Sharing Network Program

File sharing programs can save students a ton of money on music. But do your homework and make sure you go with a program that is safe as many can contain spyware and cumbersome add-ons.

Pick Copyright Free Music

Most songs that fall into the copyright free category are older classics but every music library should have the classics.


Amazon is one of the best ways to discover new musical talent and to get favorites for less. But if you are open to new and up and coming musicians and you’re adventurous, you can create an entire library of free music just by browsing Amazon’s free music. Amazon also has $.69 cent music deals. And don’t forget to sign up for their emails, because Amazon is great about alerting their subscribers to upcoming deals. Also, Amazon is well known for creating sampler deals. For instance, around Christmas, you may be able to get several free Christmas songs.

Go Old School

Browse second-hand stores and garage sales for used CDs then download the entire album to your digital music library. It’s not unusual for second-hand stores to have CDs that are only a few months old and are a great price. CDs are also a great way to share and swap music with your friends.

Teenagers pictured receiving their GCSE results at a school in Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

Add Music to Your Wish lists

Amazon and iTunes both allow you to create wish lists that can be made public. Load up your wish lists with the music you are most interested in downloading and point your friends and family to the lists during birthdays and holidays.

It might even end up as one of the best workout songs for women ever, thanks to its timeless beats

Best Music to Work out to

Summer is mere weeks away and that means swimsuits and tank tops and football in the park. If you are thinking about amping up your workout in preparation for summer here is a breakdown of the best music to work out to. Music can really stimulate a person to exercise harder, which is why so many people like to wear headphones when they’re working out. Whether you’re running, doing a cardio gym workout, lifting weights, or stretching there is music that will keep you motivated. Combine your motivating jams with healthy supplements and you’ll reach your fitness goals in time for the first summer pool party.

Best Music to Make You Run Faster

Research has proven that people run faster when they listen to music between 120 and 140 bpm. Do you always hit a wall at a certain time during your run? Pick a song that inspires you, fires you up and that’s fast-paced and you’ll break right through that wall you’ve been slamming into. Here are a few songs—some new, some classics—that will kick your run into high gear.

• Raise Your Glass—Pink
• Moves Like Jagger—Maroon 5
• Eye of the Tiger—Survivor
• Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)—Kelly Clarkson
• Bad Romance—Lady Gaga

Best Music for a Cardio Workout

Whether you’re doing a 30 minute session on the rowing machine or 45 minutes on the elliptical; for a successful cardio workout, it is important to get a good, quick rhythm going. These tunes have a bpm of 140 to 160 which is the perfect tempo to get you going. Mix them up for a great interval workout or pick the fastest ones for an energizing, high intensity session.http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/music/popular-playlists/100-best-workout-songs/

• Applause—Lady Gaga
Can’t Hold Us—Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Ray Dalton
• Lonely Boy—The Black Keys
• Everybody Talks—Neon Trees
• What the Hell—Avril Lavigne
• Work B**ch—Britney Spears (Okay, this one is only 128 bpm, but almost every gym goer agrees, this is one song to play if you need to get through a hard cardio session.)

Best Music for Weightlifting

The key to a good weightlifting workout is music that helps you focus. It’s important to play music that will pump you up, and keep you in ‘the moment’ so you can lift weights until you achieve muscle failure. Since everyone’s music taste differ, we have a mix of genres that are designed to keep you focused on your reps.

• Misery—Maroon 5
• Thunderstruck—AC/DC
• Till I Collapse—Eminem
• Ridin’ Solo—Jason Derulo
• Here Comes the Boom—Nelly

Best Songs for Yoga

Yoga is one of those workouts that is highly individual, especially if you are practicing at home or alone and not in a class. But most yoga practitioners agree that music can enhance the yoga exercise experience. Here are five great yoga songs. Check them out to see if they will fit your sequence.

It might even end up as one of the best workout songs for women ever, thanks to its timeless beats

• Mangalam—Prem Joshua
• Drumming Song—Florence and the Machine
• Hometown Glory—Adele
• Gavatri Mantra—Deva Premal
• Viva La Vida—Coldplay