Keep Your Kids Safe on A Vacation in A Foreign Country

Being a parent, the very first thing you worry about is the safety of your kids. You are always there for your kids whenever they need you. While traveling to the places you have never been to, you always make sure that no matter what adventure you are a part of, your kids stay protected and enjoy the task to the most. If you avoid traveling to a new country just because you are worried about the life of your kids and their behavior, you require thinking again. You can surely go ahead with your plans with free precautions in your mind that would keep your kids safe.

Keep Your Kids Safe on A Vacation in A Foreign Country

  • Check The Security Of The Country:

While selecting the country you are about to travel during your vacation, try to do a bit of the research on the desired countries. Choosing the country to visit after an appropriate amount of research on it is mandatory. After the research, make sure that you are well aware of the political and economic conditions of the country you are traveling to. Try to avoid a place that embraces some political unrest or riots going on to keep your kids safe at all times.

  • Get Your Kids Vaccinated:

When you travel to a different place, you require to make sure, the diseases that are viral in that particular area stay away from your kids. For that reason, go ahead with the process of getting your kids vaccinated against all the prospective diseases your kids can get prone to. Vaccination can be taken from your country or from the one you are traveling to.

  • Choose The Most Secure Hotels:

If you have small kids traveling with you, there are chances that most of the times they will stay in the hotel you have booked. To keep the security of your kids at its peak, you must choose your hotel wisely. Read the reviews of various hotels on the internet and pick the one that has the highest rating in terms of the security.

If you are visiting New York, the place you need to book is Crowne Plaza hotel that has been bought by Terence J McCarthy recently. The facilities provided to the customers in his hotel are sumptuous, and it offers high levels of the security. The hotel is located in the middle of all the uptown places in America, and the security system of the hotel is quite advance which will keep your kids safe and sound throughout your trip.

  • Know The Nearest Hospital:

In case something bad happens to your kids, and they end up harming themselves, you need to take them to the nearest hospital soonest possible. That would help your kids in getting the medical aid as soon as they will get hurt. Along with that, the phone number of the hospital should be saved in your phone for any kind of medical emergency incident during your trip.

  • Take All The Required Medicines Along:

Having the first aid kid with you all the times is necessary. While traveling abroad, you have to keep all the required medical objects along with you. The mosquito repellent, painkillers, and bandages should stay with you at all times. Moreover, the medicines of common problems such as a cough, cold and fever should be with you so that if your kid has any minor disease due to the change in location, you will be able to get rid of it soonest possible.

Top Hotels to Stay In While Enjoying Music Concerts in New York

One of the best parts of being a music lover is the fact that you can use your love for music as an excuse to get out, tour and see the world.  A lot of people love to take a break from work or studies and just put them out there for a bit of fun.  If you are planning on attending music concerts or music shows in New York then you can definitely consider one of these top five gorgeous and glorious hotels to stay in.  That is if you like the ultimate luxury treatment because that is exactly what you can expect to experience from one of these five top hotels in the UK.

Top Hotels to Stay In While Enjoying Music Concerts in New York

The Crowne Plaza Syracuse

If you are a music lover with a taste for something different then you will absolutely love to stay in the Crowne Plaza Syracuse.  This hotel is famous for its round shape and has 276 bedrooms.   The hotel might be a three star hotel but is still one of the most luxurious of accommodations to consider while attending music concerts in New York.   The hotel was recently sold to Terence McCarthy Tjm company TJM Properties Inc. for $15.2 million which makes this three star hotel an even better choice since TJM Properties is one of the leading real estate companies in the world and you can count on great service now that TJM Properties owns the hotel.

The Greenwich Hotel

If you are looking for ultimate luxury then The Greenwich Hotel is probably the best choice you can make since this five star hotel has been voted the number one best hotel in New York City.  The hotel rooms are known for their great style and space and the hotel offers many luxury excursions that you can enjoy while you stay here.

The Lowell Hotel

This five star hotel is also a great hotel to consider if you are looking for the ultimate luxury stay.  The rooms in this hotel are all spacious and every room has a distinct but completely unique look and style that will awe you no matter how many times you choose to visit.

The Crosby Street Hotel

Another five star hotel that is guaranteed to give you the ultimate extravagant stay and treatment as you enjoy some of the hotel’s many suites.  Each room was designed by an interior decorator and has a completely unique and fresh appeal.

The St. Regis Hotel

This hotel is located in the middle of Manhatten which makes it the perfect hotel to sit back and relax before driving off on one of your music events or concerts. The St. Regis is a five star hotel that is close to all of the hottest places to have a blast in New York.

Four Seasons Hotel

This five star hotel is probably one of America’s best known hotels. The hotel interior gives an ancient Paris museum vibe and is definitely a great hotel to consider if you love to be spoiled rotten.

How to Improve Your Music Listening Experience

You know that you love listening to music and you have always loved checking out new genres especially those that you have never heard before. You will have some favourites that you will save on your gadget.

There are some reasons why your listening experience is not as good as you want it to be:

  • Bad music players
  • Bad sounding headphones
  • Badly encoded files

How to Improve Your Music Listening Experience

If you would like to improve your listening experience, here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Make sure that your gadgets are fully charged. How can you enjoy listening to music when you do not have the right gadget to listen from? If you would like to find the right charger, you may want to visit this website.
  2. Get rid of the songs that you do not want to listen to anymore from your music library. There are some songs that you have liked a lot or perhaps these songs are special to you because they remind you of some people who are special in your life. Now that they are not in your life anymore, feel free to clean up your music library. This will allow you to find and listen to songs that you genuinely like.
  3. Try music streaming services. If in case you do not have enough space on your gadget but there are a lot of songs that you genuinely love, you just have to download music streaming applications and enjoy the songs you have always loved. As long as you are connected to the internet, you have nothing to worry about.
  4. Find the right headphones that will fit your needs. One thing you should remember is that there is no such thing as the perfect headphones. Headphones will always come with features that may appeal to you but will not be as appealing to other people. If you want to have headphones that come with amplifiers, then do not hesitate to find the ones that you need.
  5. Consider the bit rate of the songs that you are listening to. You may think that the bit rate does not matter but they are there for a reason. They are meant to improve your listening experience. Once you realize how you can change the bit rate and adjust it depending on the song that you are listening to, you do not have to look elsewhere anymore.

Listening to music does not have to be only done at home. You can be outside your house and still get to enjoy music. Hang out at a bar with a live band. You will have a grand time listening to the song renditions that are being played. If in case they would play their own songs, the tempo may be a bit different depending on the vibe of the place where they are going to play music. Do not forget to go to concerts as well because the musical experience will surely be different from what you are used to.

Music for Dogs

Most humans have a tendency to believe they are the only ones that enjoy music but according to research dogs too enjoy music and it is beneficial to them too. Just the same way listening to music helps to lower our stress levels and can make us calm content and happy, it can do the same to dogs. According to studies, listening to some kind of music helps to calm down dogs and helps them to be easy in new surroundings. Some humans may perceive dogs howl as a form of musical expression and some think that dogs howl when music is being played. Contrary to popular belief, howling is actually a form of communication which can be an indication of loneliness or isolation. Most of the time, many other nearby will join the howling if one dog howls then they will all howl together. Actually howling may be a form of musical expression because it shows that dogs have a sense of pitch. Howling may begin at a higher pitch before moving to the main tone then end with a lower tone.

Music for Dogs

According to studies, there is a certain kind of music that may induce dogs to howl. This is majorly music produced on wind instrument such as clarinets and saxophones. A dog may prompt to howl by the long note on the violin or the long note by humans while they are singing. This shows how dogs love music as they are prompted to join the chorus.

Just like humans, research suggests that different dogs have different tastes when it comes to music. While some music may be calming to some dogs, it may be agitating to others. Reaserchers noticed that most dogs become agitated and starting barking when hard metal music is played. Listening to popular regular music such as pop music had no much effect on most dogs though. Classical music however produced a calming effect just like in humans. Dogs would reduce their barking level or they would sleep and chill when classical music was played. Looks like most dos have the same musical discernment as humans when it comes to music.

Since many dogs respond to music, there are many animal shelters that have opted  to play soothing music to their dogs and this has proved to be very effective as there are dogs there that are very stresses and troublesome. Music helps them to chill, be calm and happy as well be healthier.


From studies, it looks like there is a lot more to dogs than man knows despite being a dog’s best friend. Maybe a dog is man’s best friend because it’s more similar to man. Good thing is that there are even sites that have playlists for songs that dogs would love if you don’t have a hang of it though creating a playlist is not hard. You can click here to find more about dogs so that you can live well with your dog and both of you can be happy.

Benefits of sleeping with music- It will make your fly fishing trips easier

Sleeping with music offers numerous therapeutic effects, and you may need such therapy before you embark on the next fishing trip. Sleeping with music helps those who don’t get enough sleep and that will strengthen the body’s concentration and ability to focus.

Preparing for your first fly fishing adventure can be a daunting task, most people would prefer to drive for long hours just to indulge in some fly fishing activities, but wiser people make use of fly fishing trip operators because of the benefits and cost-effectiveness of such operators. You need to understand that even the most experienced fly fishing anglers often become frustrated and angry especially when they are not prepared for problems such as winds, fish spotting, and the challenges of some unfamiliar directions that were provided by the inexperience tour guides.

Benefits of sleeping with music- It will make your fly fishing trips easier

Having some little preparations before your fly fishing expeditionwill help you achieve a great fly-fishing trip. As a beginner, you may wat to start with casting practices. If you are catching bonefish, you should know that most of these species can be caught within 40 feet, however, you need to practice how to through that cast quickly, and under pressure, not forgetting good accuracies. Make you hit your targeted size, when you pace out your 40-feet cast. During casting, do not forget that the wind may come from any direction, hence you should be able to be swift when changing the direction of your cast, keep in mind that species such as bonefish can be spooky in nature, hence, throwing too many false casts will definitely ruin your chances of catching them. Fr more information on fly-fishing methods, click here.

Species such as bonefish are known to fly deep into the water, hence you need to practice with heavily weight cast, light-weighted cast, and unweighted (tailing version). You need to practice with these three types of cast and watch how fast the fly lands. You want the fly to sink to the bottom of the sea, regardless of whether it is muddy, weedy, or sandy. You need to be prepared with different flies of different sink rates so that when you eventually embark on your fly fishing trip, you would have become a master.

Now that you have learnt some casting activities, you still need to follow instructions from your fly fishing guide as regards where to fish and where to throw your guide. The type of fishing gear provided by the guide may also be slightly different from what you are used to but the same casting techniques should apply.

In addition to casting, you need to ensure that you prepare yourself for different fishing conditions, though this will depend on the terrain or water your trip route is located. Your guide will be able to give you directions on how to fly-fish in different water conditions, whether they are murky, weedy or even rough. At times, you may be looking for a fly fish, only to catch something different, but remember, no- thing is lost when it comes to fly fishing. Ideally your fly fishing tour guide should be able to provide you with other items such as reels, and rods, this will facilitate your ability to handle all kinds of fishing activities during your trip.

When it comes to fishing gear, you will be provided a customized fishing gear based on the information you provide online, while you are requesting for the fly fishing service from the cozumel snorkeling tour company. Most tour companies will give you some training in other areas aside from casting, hence you shouldn’t bother even if you are a beginner. The Playa del carmen fly fishing tour organizers ensure that guests make use of the safest gears, and they are well protected before, during and after the tour has ended. The fly fishing tour does have flexible timing options, just like any other fishing tour, these are; 9AM, 12PM and 3PM.

Music for a Cause

Music is one of the most powerful ways to put a message across to the public. This is because the message is brought about in an enjoyable way. That makes it one of the best way to raise donations for certain causes. The funds can be raised through ticket sales, donations from well-wishers, and local businesses.

During these concerts, there are many additional ways to make money, and one of them is through VIP tables. The VIP tables, during the music concerts, are usually a lot more expensive than the regular ones, probably giving the guests front row seats and better access to the stars. They also probably come with certain extras such as snacks, champagne or other goodies. There can be several VIP booths, all with different prices so as to attract more people.

Music for a Cause

The other way to support charities is to have these bands meet directly with the people or the charities. This way, they can perform for the charities directly and earn them money. Several bands can be invited to a concert, and the most popular ones are the ones that are especially going to bring in a bigger audience.

The focus of groups like the Concerts for a Cause is to provide a fun and unique opportunity for the community to come together to support great local causes. They can then disburse the funds to the relevant charity. Most of them usually have charities apply for funding at the beginning of the financial year and then after choosing the ones they will help, they plan on what concerts will fund which charity.

Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways was founded by Chris Stakich, who after graduating from Harvard University in 2001, has since helped the Chardon, Ohio-based organization grow more than 40 times in size. He also the co-founder of Thinking Beyond Borders and USA Gap Year Fairs, and helped launch Thrival World Academies.

Rustic Pathways is a leader when it comes to providing superior quality travel and service programs for students and families in more than 20 countries around the world. They demand professionalism and integrity in its operations, insisting on quality in all aspects of its programs, and places the safety of its students above all other considerations.

They also have a program where they have partnered with FundMyTravel to help provide solutions to the financial restrictions of some people. In the program, one is required to build a profile on their online platform. Once that is done, one can launch a campaign page, show what travel initiative that they would like to raise money for, and then share the page through their network of friends and relatives. The more that the word spreads, the more that one is bound to share the cause, and the more that the donations will come in. they can set a target and the donors can strive to raise that amount.

Most of the campaigns are geared towards giving back to the community through things like community work, social work, and even healthcare. These trips are usually aimed at countries or destinations with the need for those services.


We have learned that charity can be done through various ways such as music and travel. As long as there is a cause with a need for help, there are bound to be people that will come and chip in to help. Rustic Pathways are here to help you achieve your charity work by giving you the platform to create a campaign and raise funds for your cause.

Why Not Have a Little Bling With Your Music?

You love music and everything lyrical. So, we are inclined to ask you, why not have a little bling with your music. Music is gold for the ears, it is a precious stone for the emotions. It is better than just rock, it is every genre rolled up into one long strand of exquisite pearls. We know you’re here because music is so much more than notes and beats, it’s your heart and it’s time to bling.

When it comes to bling, Moti Ferder knows it well. As the owner of Lugano Diamonds, there’s nothing he wants more than to find you that perfect rock. And, if that rock, goes with a little roll, or a lot of bass, then everyone is happy. You want diamonds, you visit Lugano, you want diamonds in your music, and you keep reading.

Why Not Have a Little Bling With Your Music?

Diamonds in Your Music

Yes, we understand that you want diamonds in your earrings, on your rings, and in your bracelets. But, have you ever considered seeking out diamonds in your music? We wondered what music bling would actually look like and we found it in this list of musical gold:

  • Flawless- This 2013 hit by Beyonce allowed her to compare herself to externally flawless diamonds. Moti Ferder would call those “D” color, with “FL” clarity in an ideal cut.
  • Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes– A 1986 showstopper by Paul Simon, this song gives you that great Caribbean vibe. It’s about a wealthy girl and her poor suitor. Of course, some people think this had a much deeper, darker story line: the diamond trade in South Africa. Learn more.
  • Diamonds and Rust– Though seemingly not something you’d like to see together Joan Baez’s 1975 chart topper is about her affair with Bob Dylan. Judas Priest covered it in later years, but we prefer Baez’s ballad style.
  • Diamonds- The song featuring Young Jeezy is accredited to Fabolous (who probably needed a better teacher). Apparently some of the others in this genre didn’t like the song because Little Wayne decided not to join them due to his stance against the diamond trade industry.
  • Diamond Girl– Now this one is more up our alley, a 1973 hit by Seals and Crofts. They seem to think that lovers are like shiny diamonds. Unfortunately, their platonic relationship wasn’t too loving since they couldn’t keep their band together. Listen here.
  • Black Diamond– If you were looking for a real scream, KISS can provide you with their 1975 piece. For all intents and purposes it would appear this song is about a vagabond living on the streets.
  • White Diamond– We had a black diamond, so surely we needed a white one and Kylie Minogue gladly provides. She shares her heart as she sings about her battle with cancer in this 2010 melody. That diamond is the symbol of her strength in the midst of the battle.
  • Diamond Dogs– We couldn’t close you out of this list without including David Bowie. His 1974 song caused a lot of heat, especially due to the original album cover. The lyrics are far more cerebral than most people would anticipate, but still, it’s worthy of a listen.

We could totally give you several more to consider but instead, we’ll just point you to the link for the rest of the songs. Enjoy!

Is Sleeping With Music Healthy?

Many scientists and medical experts believe that going without sleep can lead to your death.  The person who stayed awake for the longest time was Randy Gardner, a 17 year old student that took up the test for a school science project in 1965.  He stayed awake for a total of 11 days which baffled scientists since he obtained no long term side effects from his experiment.  While experts are still scratching their heads about whether sleep deprivation can lead to death they are sure of one thing; sleeplessness does have a huge impact on your health.  Not getting enough sleep causes your body to stress and affects your ability to concentrate and focus on a task.  Research has shown that tired motorists posed a much greater threat on the roads than drunken drivers.  One of the biggest questions that music lovers deal with is whether sleeping with music is good for your health or not.

Is Sleeping With Music Healthy?

Earphones are a big NO!

Sleeping with earphones is terrible for your health for two major reasons.  Firstly, the earphones can lead to ear infections because draining fluids cannot escape your ear canals and moisture buildup can cause ear infections. The second reason why you should never sleep with earphones is because the audio output of music differentiates.  While some songs are perfectly safe for your eardrums, other songs might pitch a much higher frequency that can lead to permanent hearing damage.

Music can help to drain out street noise

If you live in a loud and noisy environment then music can be great for improving your nap time as long as you listen to the right type of tunes because the music can drain out street noises that keep you awake at night.

Music can lead to better dreams

Soft, classical music can lead to better dreams because the tunes affect your subconscious and will calm you for better and more positive dreams.

Music can cause sleeplessness

A lot of people have a hard time at switching off after a tough day and changing songs can cause you to wake up frequently throughout the night or even affect your ability to fall asleep entirely.

Music can affect the quality of sleep negatively

People that have a hard time with controlling their thoughts and switching off after a tough day at work and especially those battling mental conditions such as depression can be affected negatively by music because subconsciously they keep paying attention to the songs instead of slumbering well.

Get a good mattress instead

Use a better quality mattress instead of listening to music to improve your sleep. is a great website that you can check out for the best advice on the best mattresses that will help you sleep much better and promote blood circulation throughout your body as you sleep.  The articles on this website will guide you towards the best mattress for your body type and that will help you overcome sleep problems such as insomnia and more.

How to Get Better at Rapping

There are a lot of people whose love for rap music has allowed them to become motivated to rap as well. Rapping can be a bit complicated however because you need to have the talent and skill in order to say words clearly and in time with the beat.

It will always help to listen to various rap songs especially by those who are already considered “masters” of the rapping world. If you want to listen to other rappers too, you can check out the offerings of Bogo Beats. You can buy beats from there if you love some of the songs. Once you buy, you can listen to the songs all over and over again. Not only will you get to relax, you will also learn how to rap better.

How to Get Better at Rapping

In order to rap effectively, here are some tips that you ought to remember:

  1. Find the rhythm. The moment that you can already feel the music in your bones and you can already say the words along the rhythm then you will know the proper flow of the music and the words. It may be hard to listen to the beat of the song when you are focusing on the lyrics alone. Try to forego the lyrics first and just listen to the music. It will let you understand how you are going to rap better.
  2. Start rapping along. The moment that you already know the words of the song and you understand the beat, that is the time when you can start rapping. It may take time before you can actually rap as well as the artist but practice makes perfect.
  3. Try to rap without listening to the song. If you have not memorized the lyrics yet, have a print out of the lyrics ready and try to rap it. If there are some parts that you cannot rap, underline those parts on paper and practice those parts again and again until you can rap them well.
  4. Start writing your own lyrics. The moment that you can rap along with some of the popular rap songs available and even new ones that you just like, you can start writing your own lyrics. Some rap song lyrics are based on the things that the rappers have experienced. You can make lyrics based on what you are feeling. You may become surprised with how effective this can be.
  5. The moment that you feel that you already know how to rap, get constructive criticism from someone that you know will be honest when you ask how well you can rap. If you choose the right person, you will be given information on the things you are already good at and a few more aspects you can improve.

One tip to remember is to always be real. You may want to rap about the things that you hear from your favourite rap songs but you should always have feelings when you rap so talking about things you have gone through will always be more ideal. How fast did you learn how to rap? Feel free to share your experiences below.

Greatest Guitar Songs Ever

If you don’t love the guitar, then there is something very wrong with you. We have our eldest son in guitar lessons simply because we are hopeful that he’ll eventually learn to play some of the greatest guitar songs ever. And then, we will have the joy of experiencing that musical beauty in the comfort of our own living room. But, maybe you’re more interested in those best songs than you are in our son’s lessons.

That’s fine. We totally understand. Although, we do suggest that you take a look at this sites’ ESP 7 string options. After all, we wouldn’t want you to have to listen to these incredible songs without the thrill of hearing them on an exceptional guitar. We are kind of partial to the ESP-LTD EC-256FM Eclipse Flame Top (Lemon Drop). But, since that’s one of the cheaper ones, maybe you’d be better off with the ESP-LTD Bunny Brunel Sig 5 String (Burnt Orange). It’s pretty sweet looking too. And, we’re sure that the songs on our list will sound great on either one.

Greatest Guitar Songs Ever

Best Songs for Guitar

Whether you are an acoustic or electric guitar fan, we are sure that there are songs on this list for your listening pleasure. Of course, we will admit that we are particularly interested in the lyrics, harmony, and melody attached to these songs.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a song on here that you have never heard before. Maybe we’ll find the perfect song for our son to learn. Regardless, you can rest assured that these are some phenomenal guitar songs:

  1. Hotel California- Eagles
  2. More than Words- Extreme
  3. Layla- Eric Clapton
  4. Blackbird- Paul McCartney
  5. Heart of Gold- Neil Young
  6. Wonderwall- Oasis
  7. Angie- Rolling Stones
  8. Teach Your Children- Crosby, Still, Nash & Young
  9. To be With You- Mr. Big
  10. When the Stars Go Blue- Ryan Adams
  11. Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Queen
  12. Ain’t No Sunshine- Bill Withers
  13. Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers (listen here)
  14. The River- Bruce Springsteen
  15. Working Class Hero- John Lennon
  16. The Scientist- Coldplay
  17. The Times They Are a Changin’- Bob Dylan
  18. Everlong- Foo Fighters
  19. Dust in the Wind- Kansas
  20. Daughters- John Mayer
  21. Cannonball- Damien Rice
  22. Have You Ever Seen the Rain- CCR
  23. Trouble- Ray La Montagne
  24. Country Roads- John Denver
  25. Jolene- Dolly Parton
  26. Patience- Guns N’ Roses
  27. Wild Horses- The Stones
  28. Sweet Home Chicago- Robert Johnson
  29. Redemption Song- Bob Marley
  30. Sound of Silence- Paul Simon
  31. Free Fallin’- Tom Petty
  32. Pride and Joy- Stevie Ray Vaughan
  33. She Talks to Angels- Black Crowes (click this for lyrics and to listen)
  34. Give a Little Bit- Supertramp
  35. Fire and Rain- James Taylor
  36. Horse with No Name- America
  37. The A Team- Ed Sheeran
  38. Maggie May- Rod Stewart
  39. Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson
  40. Jack and Diane- John Mellencamp

If you are as enthusiastic about guitar music as we are, you will find great value in this link. While there, you will have access to free guitar tabs. Who knows, you might decide that it’s time you learned how to play the guitar yourself. We hope you enjoy this list, but feel free to check out this other one as well.