Most Memorable Fishing Songs of All Time

Most people don’t think about fishing and singing going too well together. However, if you have ever been out waiting for a bite, you know you’ve been tempted to hum a little. So, if we are willing to hum while we’re waiting to be catching instead of fishing, why wouldn’t there be songs about fishing to go along with that? The most memorable fishing songs of all time might be a little old school, but you will love ‘em.

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Most Memorable Fishing Songs of All Time

Most Memorable Fishing Songs of All Time

Humming on the River’s Edge

You may be humming on the river’s edge, or crooning on a boat somewhere. But, regardless of your personal favorite fishing locale, the songs on this list are sure to inspire you. We love music that reminds us of experiences and times in our lives full of memories. These fishing songs are one of a kind wonders that way. Here are our favorite fishing songs:

  • The Fish’n Hole– This is a throwback to the Andy Griffith Show. The song was recorded by Herbert Spencer, Earle Hagen, and Everett Sloane. When you hear this old song you will envision Andy and Opie walking down the road with poles draped over their shoulders. Maybe it will take you back to time you spent with your own dad or grandpa. Watch this.
  • Gone Fishin’- Another oldie but goodie, this song was made popular by the well-loved duet skills of Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong. You know you love listening to this song. It’s a story in itself.
  • I’m Gonna Miss Her– This is a comical take on the love of fishing versus the love of a woman. Brad Paisley admits that he’ll miss his girl but he’s not giving up fishing for her. There’s plenty of men on the planet that would agree with that.
  • Take Me to the River– The Talking Heads popularized this song, but there’s just something about the way Tom Jones does his rendition that makes us prefer it. But in all honesty, we’re really not sure how this is a fishing song.
  • With Every Wish– This song about Big Jim, the catfish in the lake, was written and performed by Bruce Springsteen. Seems all his wishes come with a curse.
  • Deep River Blues- Doc Watson’s song feels like better days have been had. In fact, he talks about going down with the ship and how his woman looks like a water fowl. No doubt he would have felt better with a big bass on the other side of that hook (pun intended).
  • You Do Your Thing, I’ll Do Mine– The two men that make up Montgomery Gentry, have had their fair share of one’s that got away. In fact, they are waiting for the “biggin” on the line. And, after reading the lyrics to this one, we have to say it’s our favorite! Listen here.

But, if you didn’t like our top picks, you can always click this for some additional suggestions.

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