Introduce music into your little one’s life

It is known that music comes naturally to anyone. There is nothing cuter than witnessing our little one singing a song to their favorite stuffed animal. Toddlers also love tapping their feet to a rhyme or song. There is nothing more natural than the emotions that come with music to a child. There are things like nursery rhymes that automatically bring out song in your child but you can actually motivate them to get more in touch with music and it is going to be fun for you and for them.  Our best audience members are our children because they love it if we sing to them whether we can carry a tune or not.  Click here to read the benefits of music to your child.

Introduce music into your little one’s life

By introducing music to your toddler you are starting a learning process and offer them a chance to delve into their musical abilities early on in life. Music taps into one of most important senses which is hearing which creates a pathway for your child to learn and experience something invaluable. Your child might be the next Bach or Mozart. If not they will have fun experiencing the soothing quality of music. It has been scientifically proven that kids respond best to music between the ages of 1 and 3. The fun thing about introducing music to your child is that you don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive musical equipment because anything in your house can be a drum set or perhaps a cymbal. Use noisemaking items around the house to let your child find their rhythm and play along with them to make it more fun for you too. You might want to have a headache tablet on hand after the lesson.

The best suggestion would obviously not be the next best pop hit but preferably a song that include hand movements for example “Hickory Dickory Dock”. There are so many cute songs to choose from that will keep your child interactive and engaged. Take a look at for some fantastic educational toys that will not only provide your child with hours of play but also a learning experience while playing. You want to give your children every opportunity to learn and to succeed which means you should start as early as possible. Barbie is great but she doesn’t really teach your little girl anything other than the fun of dressing up.

All of us have watched videos on the internet of little ones singing their hearts out while dancing to a beat. It is definitely cute and entertaining. You can start the musical process by introducing nursery rhyme sing along songs to them. You might be surprised by how quickly they will remember the lyrics. Click here for a few well-known nursery rhymes. Teaching your child about music and dancing needs to be an interactive experience so it is important to prepare yourself and realize that you are going to have to do a few demonstration dances.

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