How to Save Money Downloading Music as a Poor University Student

University students have a lot to keep them busy: studies, classes, and clubs. But despite their busy schedules, most university students like to listen to and download music as much as the next person, maybe even more. After all, music can help university students study, relax, and workout. Plus, it’s just nice to have a well-stocked music library! But students are often on a tight budget so here are a couple of tips to help university students download music for less. While you’re jamming out, take a look at this degrees and debt site, which can help you decide on your next move after graduation.


If you have an iTunes account, try to stock up on iTunes cards when they are on sale. Usually around Thanksgiving, you can find these cards on sale (sometimes as low as $5.00 for a $10.00 card) so keep your eyes peeled and check the sales papers. Some convenience stores will run specials on iTunes cards, such as receiving a $5.00 card for a $25.00 purchase. If you need toothpaste and shampoo, anyway, why not get a free card with your purchase?

iTunes also has a bunch of free or discounted songs that you can download. This is a great way to discover new groups. Usually the free music is updated once a week so you can build up your music library in almost no time at all. And don’t overlook their $.69 cent deals. It’s worth starting every music download session by first browsing the $.69 cent songs.

File Sharing Network Program

File sharing programs can save students a ton of money on music. But do your homework and make sure you go with a program that is safe as many can contain spyware and cumbersome add-ons.

Pick Copyright Free Music

Most songs that fall into the copyright free category are older classics but every music library should have the classics.


Amazon is one of the best ways to discover new musical talent and to get favorites for less. But if you are open to new and up and coming musicians and you’re adventurous, you can create an entire library of free music just by browsing Amazon’s free music. Amazon also has $.69 cent music deals. And don’t forget to sign up for their emails, because Amazon is great about alerting their subscribers to upcoming deals. Also, Amazon is well known for creating sampler deals. For instance, around Christmas, you may be able to get several free Christmas songs.

Go Old School

Browse second-hand stores and garage sales for used CDs then download the entire album to your digital music library. It’s not unusual for second-hand stores to have CDs that are only a few months old and are a great price. CDs are also a great way to share and swap music with your friends.

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Add Music to Your Wish lists

Amazon and iTunes both allow you to create wish lists that can be made public. Load up your wish lists with the music you are most interested in downloading and point your friends and family to the lists during birthdays and holidays.

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