How To Choose A Good Mixer for Your Music Production

If you are looking for a mixer or a mixing console, you have to know what to look out for in order to get mixer that will best suit your needs. You have to keep in mind that there are analog and digital mixers. Analog mixers are the ones that were pioneers in the industry and they are still most preferred since they are cheaper and easy to use as compared to digital mixers and can still give high quality sounds. A Digital mixer is the modern mixer and is powered by many effects possibilities, instant signal routing and extensive signal dynamics. One big advantage of a digital mixer is that it has the ability to save and recall mixes. Many come with an internal storage where you can store your mixes from past performances. When shopping for a mixer, the following should be kept in mind:

How To Choose A Good Mixer for Your Music Production

Application: The mixer you are going to choose will depend on what you plan to use the mixer for. It is important to bearing mind if you are planning to use the mixer for recording or playing live or both. If you are planning to use it for live sound, you should make sure that the mixer is compatible with the existing sound system.

I/O and channels: It is important to consider the input output and the channels. You need to know how many mics you will need to connect and the kinds of mics that you will use. Condenser mics will need mic inputs that supply them with phantom power. In some cases you will need channels to accomodate stereo keyboards if you plan on using them. If you plan to connect additional instruments, you should make sure that there are direct inputs to connect them. In some cases you will need additional inputs for them.

Buses and signal routing: If you are planning to use the mixer for recording, then it may be very important to consider the buses and signal routing. This is because in most instances you will need recording gear, monitors, headphones and external mix effects.

EQ capabilities: Different mixers have different equalizing abilities and this will depend on the quality of sound you are looking for and what purposes you are using the mixer for. Most of the time if the mixer is for recording purposes than you will need a high quality sound hence you will need a mixer with a good EQ quality.


There are many other factors that you should bear in mind when looking for a mixer; those are just but a few. By doing a vast research and comparisons as well as reading reviews, you should be able to get a mixer that will best suit your needs. It is however advisable to go for renowned brands such as Panasonic as they always update their production making it better every time, for example there is the Panasonic ag-hmx100 which is a very good mixer from Panasonic. Buying something good requires patience and diligence.

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