How Terror Attack Victims Can Recover from Fear and Insecurity

We live in a world in which terror attacks are inevitable. There are countries that have more terror attacks than others. As much as different governments are working hard to deal with terror attacks, they are still there. It is due to this reason that there are some organizations such as Foundation for defense of Democracies that are working hard to fight terrorism and promote freedom. Terrorists have a way of making their victims shattered and it changes their lives forever. It changes the perspectives and mindset of all victims and in some it even lead to displacement and death. Terrorism leads to fear and anxiety which has other effects as well.

How Terror Attack Victims Can Recover from Fear and Insecurity

Anxiety has two effects to terror victims; it can either be positive or negative. It can either lead to a close bond and unity among the victims or it can lead to hate, fear, divisions and attacks among the victims.

Good news is that there are ways in which the victims can still recover and lead their normal lives. Due to the fact that most of the effect is internal, it can be fixed.  Some of the things terror victims can do to recover are:

Open up about it: Terrorism creates insecurity which makes the victims to isolate themselves which makes the situation even worse for an individual. Talking and sharing about it is a therapy as the more you talk about it the better you will feel. By sharing you will feel that other people are able to understand what you are going through and empathize with you. Sharing however does not mean watching endless footage about the attacks as it will not lower the levels of anxiety and fear.

Take action: After a terror attack as much as one may feel shattered, it’s the right time to make a strategy for action for protection from terror attacks. Some people may consider moving to locations that they consider safer. Some may consider counseling and therapy to deal with the fear. There are other actions that can make the victims feel better such as trying a new hobby or volunteering in an organization. There are some organizations that deal with terrorism and always look for volunteers; volunteering in such a cause is a good idea as a victim will feel they are making meaningful contribution towards fighting terrorism. Some actions don’t have to be related to the terror attack but can improve the life of the victims for example evaluating your life goals and making plans for the future. Helping other victims who are badly off affected is also taking good action in dealing with terrorism.

Be realistic: No matter what happens, life has to go on and it is important for the victims to remember this. They can take the terror attacks as a stepping stone and learn from it for a better future. It is good to always know that nothing is permanent. When it comes to terror attacks however, most of the turn of events is beyond our control and mostly are problems that have built over a long period of time. Therefore one should not have the pressure of making a big change rather small changes can go a long way.

Live one day at a time: Worrying about the future does not solve the problems of today. Therefore it is important to take one step at a time and live one day at a time. Recovering instantly may not be possible but it’s a process and therefore it is good to go through the process for recovery. If you live one day at a time you will deal with the current problems today and tomorrow will take care of it. As much as a terror victim may be having a hard time, it is god to take a break and enjoy the pleasures of life. Normally happiness is a state of mind that does not need perfection for happiness. In the midst of trouble there is hope and in the midst of hope happiness can be found. Victims should find activities that they derive pleasure from for their own entertainment.

Listen to music: Music is very therapeutic. Music is therapy for a cold heart and can make it warm. There is some kind of music that is uplifting for the soul and can make us feel better. The terrors victims therefore can listen to good music or play their favorite instrument too feel better about the situation. Not only will the message make us feel better but also the tunes will do the trick. If you play music and teach terror victims how to play music it will be very rewarding. Music will give us inspiration to pick up the pieces and move on with life.

Offer service to someone else: There is a self-reward or a good feeling that comes with giving yourself with others. Improving other people’s lives will make you feel better as a person and this is one of the ways in which terror victims can feel better about themselves. Help the disabled, run errands for someone else, be kind to strangers just do small things to others, it will make you feel that you matter to them and that will make you feel better.

Read books: Books can also offer therapy in different areas in our lives. Good thing is that there are books in diverse fields and hence one can always get what they need. The victims can get books on dealing with fear and insecurity, books on how other victims dealt with terrorism. It is worth grabbing a book for new insights.


Overcoming fear, anxiety and insecurity all starts from within. As much as there are many suggested ways of overcoming that, it will not be effective if one has not decided in their mind they want to feel better. If a victim makes a decision that they want to feel better, they will do all it takes to make sure they do.

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