It might even end up as one of the best workout songs for women ever, thanks to its timeless beats

Best Music to Work out to

Summer is mere weeks away and that means swimsuits and tank tops and football in the park. If you are thinking about amping up your workout in preparation for summer here is a breakdown of the best music to work out to. Music can really stimulate a person to exercise harder, which is why so many people like to wear headphones when they’re working out. Whether you’re running, doing a cardio gym workout, lifting weights, or stretching there is music that will keep you motivated. Combine your motivating jams with healthy supplements and you’ll reach your fitness goals in time for the first summer pool party.

Best Music to Make You Run Faster

Research has proven that people run faster when they listen to music between 120 and 140 bpm. Do you always hit a wall at a certain time during your run? Pick a song that inspires you, fires you up and that’s fast-paced and you’ll break right through that wall you’ve been slamming into. Here are a few songs—some new, some classics—that will kick your run into high gear.

• Raise Your Glass—Pink
• Moves Like Jagger—Maroon 5
• Eye of the Tiger—Survivor
• Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)—Kelly Clarkson
• Bad Romance—Lady Gaga

Best Music for a Cardio Workout

Whether you’re doing a 30 minute session on the rowing machine or 45 minutes on the elliptical; for a successful cardio workout, it is important to get a good, quick rhythm going. These tunes have a bpm of 140 to 160 which is the perfect tempo to get you going. Mix them up for a great interval workout or pick the fastest ones for an energizing, high intensity session.

• Applause—Lady Gaga
Can’t Hold Us—Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Ray Dalton
• Lonely Boy—The Black Keys
• Everybody Talks—Neon Trees
• What the Hell—Avril Lavigne
• Work B**ch—Britney Spears (Okay, this one is only 128 bpm, but almost every gym goer agrees, this is one song to play if you need to get through a hard cardio session.)

Best Music for Weightlifting

The key to a good weightlifting workout is music that helps you focus. It’s important to play music that will pump you up, and keep you in ‘the moment’ so you can lift weights until you achieve muscle failure. Since everyone’s music taste differ, we have a mix of genres that are designed to keep you focused on your reps.

• Misery—Maroon 5
• Thunderstruck—AC/DC
• Till I Collapse—Eminem
• Ridin’ Solo—Jason Derulo
• Here Comes the Boom—Nelly

Best Songs for Yoga

Yoga is one of those workouts that is highly individual, especially if you are practicing at home or alone and not in a class. But most yoga practitioners agree that music can enhance the yoga exercise experience. Here are five great yoga songs. Check them out to see if they will fit your sequence.

It might even end up as one of the best workout songs for women ever, thanks to its timeless beats

• Mangalam—Prem Joshua
• Drumming Song—Florence and the Machine
• Hometown Glory—Adele
• Gavatri Mantra—Deva Premal
• Viva La Vida—Coldplay

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